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Callie responds to a page and quietly pleads for it not to be something surgical, but when she sees the mayhem in the ER she pretty quickly realizes it's going to be All Surgery, All The Time. As she checks Bailey's patient she asks to have the other ortho surgeon paged since her plane to TED leaves in four hours. The patient is just conscious enough to be totally jealous and tell an anecdote about his roommate doing tequila shots with Bill Gates at the last conference. Seriously, this show, "Brought to you by TED." Bailey calls it a "fancy people frat party," but then Arizona brings up her genome mapping and says she'll be speaking there soon enough. Really, it's a way to have yet another person ask to be mapped for fun, and for Bailey to remind us that it's a serious scientific thing. Callie tries to bring the talk back to her speech but Arizona mercifully stops her and Callie meekly agrees that she'll keep it fresh for later.

Somber guitar music plays as Owen goes in to the OR for a report on Ethan's dad, so we know he's not doing well. Cristina is waiting for Jeff for a second opinion thought she admits that she doesn't really need it. However, since she became Jeff's boss she likes to throw him a bone sometimes so that he still feels like he's her boss instead. She tells Owen she'll know more in an hour.

Heather tries to make cheerful conversation as Derek works on Rachel's brain -- she asks him where he got, "It's a beautiful day to save lives," and the conversation of course turns kooky when she says that sometimes she'll say something and then realize she accidentally lifted it from a detergent commercial. For the record, Derek didn't lift it from anything. He is totally not amused and asks her if she's familiar with how people downplay a difficult situation by saying, "It's not brain surgery?" He then flatly reminds her that this IS, in fact, brain surgery. This from the guy who just last week distracted Smash during a really difficult surgery with a story about fly fishing. Smash whisper-demands to know what Heather is doing and she admits that she's nervous and wants Derek to like her. Smash tells her that he takes a long time to warm up but that eventually it will happen. He's then pretty proud when Derek calls him over to do something, but he then drops the tool he was just handed. Heather reaches out and grabs it, and her ninja quickness seems to impress Derek.

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