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Jason is the OB who delivers Elyse's baby and once she is out, he and Alex take the opportunity to trade really nasty insults. Jason finally tells Alex that he's unprofessional and while I'm not actually really a Jason fan, Alex did start that whole thing and it was super inappropriate. April gets to work on Elyse's injured abdomen but then alarms start to ring and Elyse starts losing tons of blood.

Leah reports to Owen that social services came for Ethan but as she says so, Ethan sprints past them with a harried woman running behind and yelling. She apologizes to Owen that Ethan is a runner, which seems to be something she's used to. Ethan wants to see his parents and screams that he's totally not going somewhere to get some sleep as she's suggested. Owen tells her to give the kid a break, since he's terrified, and then makes a deal that they will set him up in a room at the hospital for the night. The social worker is worried that this isn't a permanent solution - why would they already need a permanent solution when the parents aren't even out of surgery yet? -- but Owen assures her it's fine for one night. She doesn't seem like a bad person, just one who is trying best to look after him while following her job protocols.

Elyse's husband Vince has arrived and as Alex and Stephanie tend to the baby, Jason brings him over and introduces them. Alex growls about what a douche he is and OH MY GOD JUST TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL IDIOT. Stephanie basically points out that Jason is handsome and wonderful, which makes Alex even crabbier. Poor Vince is in shock but they promise him an update soon and let him hold his new baby girl.

The object of the guys' affection is back in the ER and she sees that Casey is back with a very sick-looking Parker slumped against her shoulder. Casey is screaming at a nurse to try and get some help so Princess runs up to take over and Casey reports that the medicine isn't working. She's not interested in the explanation that it can take up to 24 hours and just maintains that he should be getting better by now instead of worse. Princess then makes the mistake of telling Casey to calm down, and Casey goes full-on Mama Bear on her, yelling that people have been dismissing her at every hospital and urgent care around town but she knows this isn't strep. Princess is shocked to hear she's been all these other places too but can't get in much more of a conversation because Casey finally yells that Princess sucks (has she been reading my recaps?) and she wants another doctor.

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