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He takes him to the cafeteria where the two eat ice cream in the dark and talk about soccer. Finally, Ethan ventures to ask why his mom didn't know him, and Owen explains that sometimes when you hurt your head it can make you act really weird. He tells Ethan that he thinks that she will get better, and man do I hope he's right. He gets a page so asks Ethan if he'll stay with the social worker this time, and after much discussion Owen convinces Ethan that this will give Owen a chance to help them and they will get better more quickly. They then walk out, talking some more about soccer, and we are all reminded like a subtle two by four to the face just how good Owen is with kids and how much he cares about them.

Derek and his interns are looking at Rachel's shiny new hematoma and discussing how best to treat it. Smash suggests something that sounds very smart and medical-y, but then Heather gives suggests idea and Derek compliments her on it but ultimately decides to go with Smash's idea. He the tosses her a pen and when she catches it happily comments that she never misses. After he leaves Smash starts giving Heather a suspicious stinkeye but she reminds him that he's the star pupil while she is a circus act.

Mere is in Parker's room with Casey, and she's at a loss because his CT came back completely normal. Casey has calmed down exponentially now that someone is listening to her, even if that person can't find anything wrong just yet. Casey reaches into her purse and pulls out a number of scraps of paper with notes that she made from internet research, and admits that she knows she's annoying... Mere won't even let her finish and instead has her hand them over. She then systematically goes through each possible diagnosis letting Casey know why they are good guesses but also why each one doesn't quite fit. She is seriously awesome. One of the diseases that Casey found is something called Kawasaki disease, which can cause a heart attack. Mere thinks this is a good idea but aside from the fever and rash, Parker doesn't have the other symptoms. In addition, there's that pesky positive strep culture. Casey is still sure that isn't it, but she's nice about it and thankful for Mere's help. Mere assures her that she's happy to do it, and she's going to continue to run other tests.

April goes to Elyse's room and sees Vince talking to her unconscious form, pleading with her not to leave him and their baby. April smiles sadly as she goes in, and the situation only gets more bittersweet as he names the baby Rose, which is what Elyse had wanted. He then goes down to visit little Rosie after giving Elyse one last kiss. Jackson comes in to check on her burns and April reports that she's really not doing well. April then tells him how they met: they dated in college but she had to leave school suddenly and they lost touch until they both happened to move to Seattle and join the same bowling league. April is in awe at how the universe kept pulling for these people to be together, but can't understand why then then a tanker would explode and leave her fighting for her life in the hospital. Jackson sadly agrees that it's messed up, but then reports that at least Matthew is going to be fine. She seems to have forgotten about him, just the teeniest bit, just for a little beensy moment until Jackson said that.

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