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I Probably Would Have "Forgotten" To Give Him the Right Pain Meds, Myself

Shane's in the OR, and Bailey comes in and closes her eyes as she stands over him. George calls her name but she replies smoothly, "I'm calling on Jesus this time; don't bother me when I'm calling on Jesus. I don't do it very often. He might not hear me." Everyone waits until she's ready and calls for the scalpel, and after a look at his face, she slices slowly straight down the center of his tattoo.

And what could make this appalling, horrific situation worse? Tucker shows up for their lunch, but she's nowhere to be found and not answering her phone.

In the gallery, Ava starts commenting on how amazing and technical the surgery is. I guess it wasn't enough for her to be up there against all of the rules and putting Alex at risk; she also needed to draw attention to the fact that this is something completely new and awe-inspiring for her. When they rebuilt her face, it's a shame they couldn't have installed just a tiny bit of common sense into her head. Lexie, however, eats it up because she's in a love haze. Ava then asks her if she's a surgeon, and Lexie says she's an intern, and asks Ava the same. Ava doesn't even hesitate before admitting that she's not supposed to be there but that she wanted to see the guy -- she stutters a lot and can't put a label on him -- operate. Lexie accepts this and guesses that it's Sloane, but Ava corrects her: she's actually with Alex. Lexie stares blankly, and when Ava asks if Lexie knows him, Lexie replies, "No, not at all."

Bailey sees her pager buzzing and calls to George that she's supposed to be having lunch with Tucker. "I'm supposed to be having lunch with my husband and instead I'm elbow-deep in a Nazi gut." George just replies, "Yes, ma'am." Bailey looks up after a moment and orders, "No one better ever call me 'Nazi' again." George again replies, "Yes ma'am," and Cristina raises an eyebrow.

Derek's working on Mary in the other OR, but just as he gets the scope in, the monitor on which he was watching his progress goes black. Rose realizes the problem is the computer, and tries to control-alt-delete it back to life. While I realize this would be the first logical thing to do with a computer program, it just seems so silly and futile in the context of brain surgery. And futile it is, as nothing brings the system back up. Derek starts freaking out; he can't remove the tool without navigation and avoid causing massive damage, and he orders someone to call the manufacturer to come immediately.

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