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I Probably Would Have "Forgotten" To Give Him the Right Pain Meds, Myself

In the ambulance, Meredith climbs in and whispers an apology as Richard hands her the ultrasound. But Ray starts to mumble and Meredith screams that they're losing him; Richard orders her to get in there and not to worry about Stan (whose body she's going to have to climb over).

Nick's rather pleased that Lexie comes back in to check on him, but since she's Captain Obvious about every feeling she's having at any given moment, he realizes something is wrong, and asks if she's okay. She actually says, "What makes you think something's wrong?" but she's so upset she can barely open her mouth and enunciate -- seriously, does she have no self-awareness at all? Wait, don't answer that. As she gets some supplies ready to change his bandage, he babbles about how he's observant from boredom, so she gives in and asks, "Remember your girlfriend who just turned out to be a vapid narcissist?" Nick follows up that her boyfriend turned out to be a jerk. She concurs, and he apologizes, but looks a little bit excited, too, as he asks if she wants help plotting revenge. She takes his bandage off, and he happily jokes about how she could go out with him as revenge. He cracks that what he's got that Alex doesn't is an exposed carotid artery, and manages to get her to laugh, but the moment is ruined when he starts to laugh too, and suddenly his artery bursts and blood starts spewing out of his neck and all over a stunned Lexie. Worst. Date. Ever. Well, worst. "Date." Ever. And with that, we're "To be continued."

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