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It's certainly not Jacob's day, as a large shard of metal flew from the collision and pierced his leg. Izzie and Cristina run him inside while Mere and Callie run to the overturned ambulance, and Bailey calls for the fire department and for gurneys. Callie looks inside the window and sees Ray, one of the paramedics who was just about to leave, pinned into his seat and hanging upside down. Callie asks if he's okay. Instead of answering he pleads for Stan, his partner, to say something. Stan doesn't look to be in good shape, since he's got part of the vehicle pinning him through his abdomen to the roof, which is now essentially the ground. He manages to take a breath and open his eyes, and Meredith can only watch, looking panicked and nauseated. She gets hold of herself and tells the medics that they'll get them out, but Callie warns her to wait for the fire department, since the doors won't move as they are. Bailey calls for Callie's help at the other rig, so she leaves Meredith with instructions to page someone for help and keep the guys talking. Stan turns to Meredith and begs her not to leave, and she calls for the Chief.

Bailey pulls open the doors to the other ambulance, where one of the paramedics is clutching his stomach, clearly hurt, but says he's better than his patient. The patient had started coding and then Mary, the driver, had a seizure and the ambulance went out of control. The patient is dead, so Bailey goes to check the medic's injuries, but he tells her not do and asks if Mary is dead. Callie says she's not, but she looks post-ictal (sounds bad) and has a weak pulse, and she holds up Mary's arm to show a grossly dislocated elbow. In the back, the guy medic explains that Mary was talking and then just had a seizure and they crashed, and he recoils when Bailey tries to get near him. She says he knows that she has to stabilize him, but he assures her that his c-spine is clear and he can move fine, so she lets him climb out, and he says that his abdomen is hurt. He climbs onto a gurney, and as he's whisked away he asks, "Listen, I know this is gonna sound weird, but do you think you could get me a guy doctor?" Bailey looks like she smells something rotten, since his question wasn't "weird" so much as "ragingly sexist."

Lexie is in Nick Evil's room, listening to his heart. He can't stop staring at her, and when she says he sounds "strong and stable," he laughs that those words have never been used to describe him before. Then, like he's spitting it out before he can stop himself, he tells Lexie, "You're a pretty girl." She looks a little surprised (because Lord knows it's a foreign idea around here, patients crushing on doctors and vice versa) and he goes on to say that he doesn't mean any offense; it's just that he hasn't been allowed to notice pretty girls for a while. They banter a bit, him awkwardly, and it comes out that he's now single. It's a tale as old as the hills: boy meets girl, boy gets giant neck tumor, girl leaves boy because of it. He then asks Lexie if she's seeing anyone, but insists it's just conversation, not flirting, because "My artery's exposed; it kind of limits my game." She tells him, stuttering, that she kind of is, and Nick asks if he's a nice guy. She says he is, but then backtracks to explain, "He's kind of a nice guy disguised as a jerk." Nick tells her he knows the type: "My girlfriend was a nice girl disguised as a vapid narcissist. But then, it turns out she really was just a vapid narcissist." Lexie commiserates, "Ouch," and Nick seems to see a bit of an opening and asks her, "So you really like this guy? Even though he doesn't have a super-cool exposed carotid artery?" She laughs, but tells him sincerely that she does like Alex.

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