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I Probably Would Have "Forgotten" To Give Him the Right Pain Meds, Myself

Rose is hacking away at a piece of licorice, and I really want to make fun of her, but it's totally the animal chewing that I do with licorice myself, so I have to contain myself. He asks her what's going on since the surgical board is half empty, and she explains about the accident -- rather cavalierly, which I guess is a necessity if you work in medicine, but wow -- and that she's moving all elective surgeries. Instead of responding to that, Derek asks if they are friends yet. Thankfully, it's not just so that he can flirt; it's also so that he can tell her she's got a big wad of licorice stuck in her teeth, much to her embarrassment. But it's totally also because he's in McDreamy McFlirty mode.

Jacob's family arrives, and his wife freaks out at the metal sticking out of his leg, while he -- clearly sedated and also clearly used to this -- tries to calm her. She's told that the ambulances crashed and she gets very shrill, while Jacob tells his daughter to calm her mother. There's nothing worse than the patient having to take care of his or her visitors. The daughter relays the message, also sick of this, but a younger daughter tugs at Izzie's gown to ask, "Is my dad's heart okay?" in the most doe-eyed, manipulative, pathetic way ever. Izzie leans down and introduces herself and promises she'll help the girl's dad, while Cristina looks on in obvious contempt. Hahn comes in to provide a stark contrast to Izzie's gooey manner. Cristina gives her initial diagnosis of a sternal infection, and Izzie jumps on tiptoes to chime in to get some of the credit. It's not working very well, which makes me a bit warm and fuzzy inside. Cristina also mentions the metal in his leg, just in case seeing it sticking a foot out of his shin wasn't self-explanatory. The child starts whining, and Izzie turns to smile at her right as Hahn starts to give her orders. "Stevens, when you can tear yourself away, page Torres about the shrapnel in this man's leg." She then informs Izzie that she can also work with Callie since she only needs one person today. Looks like Izzie's little revenge plan for the dancing isn't quite working out.

Sexist Paramedic (seriously, guys, remember to work their names into the episodes a little bit earlier, will you?) is squirming around on the gurney and despite Bailey's best efforts to convince him to let her examine him, he still refuses. He moans and groans, but when she finally puts her hands on him he jumps and growls, "Do NOT touch me." The Chief pulls back the curtain just then to find out what is going on, and after Bailey explains, he takes the chart and introduces himself. Shane! He has a name. Shane looks awful and turns over, but the second he sees Richard, he again starts yelling before Richard can touch him, saying he wants another doctor. He and Bailey are confused, Richard having the requisite twig and berries, until Shane reiterates that he wanted a male doctor, but now he wants a different male doctor, and will wait. Bailey is blissfully confused, but Richard calls him out on wanting a white doctor, and to Bailey's horror, Shane doesn't correct him. Richard doesn't conceal his disgust when he growls, "I have paramedics hanging upside down. Can you handle...this?" the last word heavy with disdain. Bailey tells him she absolutely can.

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