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I Probably Would Have "Forgotten" To Give Him the Right Pain Meds, Myself

The stranger thing to consider is that we know his partner Mary is black. It's never brought up, but I imagine it will be something that's dealt with in the next episode. Derek comes in where Callie is holding a now-conscious Mary's arm, in a stance that says she's just about to yank it back into position. Mary seems terrified and asks Derek why she had a seizure, especially since she's never had one before. She also seems to be a bit shell-shocked at the thought that she caused the accident. Derek orders George to book an MRI, and Mary asks how Shane is doing. Probably better than he'll be when she finds out his beliefs, that's for sure. Callie readies her to fix her arm; she asks if it's going to hurt, and George starts to admit that it will, but Callie shushes him, so he just grandly tells her that Dr. Torres is the best. Derek tells her he'll let her know when he finds anything out, and as he leaves, Callie makes a jerking motion, there's an excruciating pop, and Mary yells.

The fire department has arrived at the accident scene, where Meredith is still waiting with the guys. Richard leans in and asks how they're doing -- clearly, it's a relative question. Both are breathing in jerks, clearly trying not to panic, and Stan requests that they get them out, but Ray chimes in to say he thinks Stan should get out first. Richard tells them that, for now, they have to stay still, and that they will get them pain meds. Stan then asks Richard to say if his legs are broken. He answers that he can't see them, and they come to the horrible realization that Stan can't feel that he's being pinned by a door through his abdomen. Ray also notices that Stan's ears are bleeding, which I think is never, ever a good sign. Stan asks them to go get his wife, who is an x-ray technician, and Ray demands that Stan not die on him -- a requisite line for all manly professionals stuck in horrific life-threatening situations. Richard pulls Mere aside and orders her to get Stan's wife. She's pretty panicky and tries to ask questions about what they can do, but there isn't anything to do, as Richard explains -- as soon as they move Stan, he'll bleed out. Richard then sends Meredith to find Stan's wife.

The firefighters are swarming around the rig, preparing things so that they can pull it off of the guys, and Richard leans back in the window to check on them. Both are looking about as bad as you'd expect guys pinned under a giant vehicle to look, but Stan turns his head to Ray and orders Ray to start talking to him. He wants Ray to help him hold on until Sarah, his wife, gets there, but Ray tells him he's not helping since Stan's not dying. Richard quietly but urgently orders Ray to talk to Stan, and after a moment where Ray absorbs what the order implies, he starts talking to Stan about the night he met Sarah. Stan's clearly struggling, but they remember and start to sing the song he sang that night -- "I Can See Clearly Now." They sing while Richard looks stricken, and when they can't remember the next line, he prompts them, "'I think I can make it now, the pain is gone.'" Ray looks like he's starting to cry, but Stan saves the moment by marveling that Sarah fell for the line. He then tells Ray that when he gets out, he should tell the story of the accident, including how his best friend died there, since the girls will eat it up. Ray's not ready to laugh until Stan orders him not to tell Sarah that right before he died, he was talking about getting his best friend some action. Richard breaks up the laughter by telling them to hold on until Sarah gets there. Way to be the buzzkill, Chief.

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