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I Probably Would Have "Forgotten" To Give Him the Right Pain Meds, Myself

Cristina's putting Shane into the CT machine, silently and not entirely gently. He has the gall to tell her to go easy on him, and she just informs him he'll have morphine and be fine. She mutters, "It's not like you're in a concentration camp or anything." He tries to brush it off as a young, dumb, drunk mistake that anyone could make and then regret, and so she pointedly asks him, "Oh, so you regret it?" Annoyed that he didn't win her over with that offensively cavalier explanation, he growls back, "You've got to treat me like anyone else." He then lies his head back and adds, "That's the beauty of this country." She just replies, "Oh, yes it is," and sends him into the machine.

Derek and George have just told Mary the news and explained her surgery, and she's trying to absorb the idea that they'll be drilling into her skull. George explains how the surgery works, that there will just be a tiny hole made and that they'll go in with a scope and it will be minimally invasive. She tells them how weird it is to be on the other side of this conversation, and then asks how the three guys are doing. And then her eyes roll back in her head as she has a seizure.

Jacob's surgery is about to kick off when Izzie looks up and sees Ava in scrubs in the gallery, smiling as she watches the surgery. She mutters to Alex, "I always knew you were an ass but seriously? You brought Jane Doe to the gallery? Are you trying to get yourself kicked out of the program?" First two sentences of that admonition and I'm totally with her, but then it comes to a screeching halt, because I don't think Izzie should be one to throw stones about someone possibly getting thrown out of the program for an infraction. Involving a patient. Seriously, give his money away and slap his name on a clinic, and then the patient who proposed to you and whose LVAD wire you cut to try to save his life becomes a distant memory, huh? Alex tells Izzie that Ava wanted to see what he does, and when Izzie reminds him of Lexie, he just says he's a popular guy, at which point they're shut up by Hahn.

The aforementioned Lexie, meanwhile, has gone to Nick's room at his request. She foolishly thinks he might have a medical problem, but he tells her (charmingly, I must admit) that his book is bad, he hates daytime TV, and all of his friends are at work. She reminds him that she's at work too, and they banter a bit, and she agrees to stay, but takes his vitals to make it seem at least a tiny bit legit. Once that's settled, he asks if she wants to help him plot his revenge against his ex-girlfriend, and he explains a plan of luring her there and then showing her the artery. Unless he means the actual artery itself, I don't think a neck scar is quite the level of revenge he's really looking for. Compared to some of the other things we've seen in this hospital, his neck is about as vengeful as a basket of kittens.

The firemen get out the equipment and Richard explains to Ray and Stan that the second the ambulance is lifted, they'll get them out. Ray wants him to promise to take Stan first, but Richard tells him firmly that they'll assess and see who needs to get out first. Ray is having none of it and orders them to take Stan, who turns and tells Ray that he's feeling better and he thinks he'll be okay. Ray's not having any of that, either, and tells Stan not to screw with him. Stan insists he's not, saying he could get out and just be paralyzed, and he turns to ask Richard if that might happen. Richard's silence is deafening; Meredith can't take it and, her eyes red from tears, too-confidently says that it could be possible. Ray has a ray of hope and accepts it, and Stan makes sure that Sarah is inside and won't see what's about to happen. He also makes sure Meredith will be where he can see her, and she promises. The medics clasp hands, and Stan declares, "Let's do this." Ray tells him he's going to live and Stan manages to say, "You too," and then the jaws of life start to pull the metal apart. After a moment, though, Stan looks up and then starts protesting for them to stop. Meredith screams at them to stop with a voice hoarse from crying.

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