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Izzie is yelling at a nurse trying to get an OR, and after they argue a bit, Jacob's wife sees her and asks how her husband is doing. Izzie stutters, "I believe he's still in surgery, but I don't know." Her delivery makes a bad situation even worse as Mrs. Jacob repeats that Izzie said she'd bring updates. Izzie tries to tell her that she was going to go check on him, but Mrs. Jacob is horrified and yells at her about how she's got terrified children afraid their dad is going to die. "Did you just have lousy instructors who didn't teach you how to be a good doctor? Or just really bad parents who didn't teach you how to be a decent human being?" We know the answer is the former, since Hahn kept her from her updates, and we can rest easy knowing that Izzie really is a good person deep down. The nurse comes back and tells her an OR is clearing out, and the wife leaves to go ask the nurse how her husband is. As Izzie walks away, one of the kids holds a teddy bear and makes an accusing, but also sad and doe-eyed, face at Izzie just to prove how horribly she acted and how she broke the heart of a tiny innocent child. For shame!

Thankfully we don't have to see George relaying all of the vow talk to Tucker, but we do see his appalled reaction. George looks at the floor and mumbles that if Tucker waited, they could have this conversation with each other since things can get lost in translation, and clearly this is very important. But that's Tucker's last straw and he barks, "It's clearly not very important. My marriage is falling apart and she sends you to save it." He starts to go but George grabs him, calm and talking like an adult, and tells her she's literally saving a life and will be there soon. Tucker says she'll always be there soon and adds, "You ask her, when exactly is 'soon' gonna come?" Relieving the tension of the scene a bit is the fact that George comes up approximately to Tucker's elbow, and the difference is striking. But we all know that height came in handy while he was playing on the California University basketball team.

Meredith walks down a dim hospital hallway where Sarah, Stan's wife, is leaning against a wall. Sarah grabs her as she walks by and confirms that she's the person who came and got her that morning, and then asks Mere to tell Ray she's sorry she can't stay. Meredith, dragging from exhaustion, tells her that Ray wanted to tell Sarah the same thing in case he didn't make it, and the idea that he might not make it clearly shocks Sarah. Meredith replies, "I hope he makes it. But you won't be here, so..." Even on repeated viewings, I haven't been able to quite decide if she's being matter-of-fact or condescending. Sarah seems to think the latter, and demands to know how she's supposed to hang around after what has happened, knowing her husband's body is somewhere in the building. Meredith just tells her that if Ray does survive, he'll wake up with no one there, and Sarah will be at home with no one. "I think it's better to have someone. Even if it hurts. Even if it's the most painful thing you have to do. Even if it's the most painful thing you've ever had to do, I think it's better to have someone." These two are either really good at crying on command, or they have a lot of drops in their eyes for the entire scene.

Bailey looks down at Shane's tattoo, clearly nearly done with his surgery. She comments that the skin looks jagged, and asks George if he thinks the same. She muses that if it is jagged, she'll have to redo the incision to line it up, and then his tattoo might be unrecognizable. George then agrees that it does look jagged, and in a tiny voice Bailey replies, "I thought so too." After a moment she asks if Tucker left, and George tells her he did.

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