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Lexie is sitting in the room staring at the now-empty gurney when Cristina sees her from the hallway and goes in. This is where we saw them earlier -- Cristina tells her that she was brave. Lexie can't seem to absorb that, and instead says that the hospital killed Nick because they weren't prepared. After a moment Cristina agrees, but she says matter-of-factly that they help more than they hurt. Lexie tries to take it in, but finally says quietly, "I have no one," and looks up at Cristina.

Mark and Callie are sitting in a lounge where we saw them before. But what we didn't see, after Callie pulls off her cap, is that Hahn comes in and sits down. She crosses her arms, which comes off defensive and matches her tone as she announces, "This is going to sound bizarre. I realize at this point this is going to sound bizarre, but? Any chance you people want to get a drink with me?" Mark asks nastily why they'd want to, but Callie jumps in and says that Hahn is saying she needs friends. Mark seems to think a moment, now looking more like a pouting kid than an exhausted surgeon, but says fine. Hahn looks at him and warily asks, "You won't hit on me?" He tells her, straight-faced, "I can't promise that." She adds, "If I say please?" Callie, with an awesome hint of laughter in her voice, answers, "He still can't promise that." After a moment Hahn declares that that's fine and leaves, and Callie laughs. I like the idea that these two are now best friends who occasionally have really hot, hot sex on the side just for fun while they maneuver through all the bullshit in the hospital.

Meredith is at home on the couch, looking wrecked, so maybe she does see what's coming with Derek. Or maybe she's understandably exhausted after performing a harrowing procedure on a paramedic crushed under an ambulance. Cristina walks in and says she brought supplies, holding up a brown bag. She then turns and makes a tiny "come ON" motion with her head, and Lexie appears from behind a corner. Meredith looks surprised, not happily, and her voice-over explains, "Some days the whole world seems upside down." Cristina blurts, "She's got no one," as she pulls a bottle of tequila out of the bag.

There's some unspoken best-friend talk going on until Lexie helpfully holds up a bag of limes. Meredith sighs and declares that she's drinking. "Are you drinking, Lexie?" Lexie smiles, relieved and like a puppy eager to please its master, and says, "Yeah, a drink would be good." Mere watches, grouchy but thawed, and Cristina looks on at the two of them.

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