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Dance The Night Away

Upstairs, Izzie is lying on her bed when George knocks on the door. Her expression doesn't change as he lies down behind her, resting his chin on her arm. She tells him that she was Hahn's right hand, which he thinks is a good thing, but in the tone of voice of a kid not sure he really has the right answer. Izzie then grandly declares that she thinks patients feel better and pull through surgery if they know their families are okay and not worried. George agrees, and she tells him that she's never going to be Hahn or Cristina, adding that she's not kick-ass. I'm just glad she realized that so we don't have to see her efforts to prove herself as such anymore. George tells her, "Thank God for that!" She turns and gives him a weak smile, then turns away and tells him she loves him. He returns the sentiment, and she turns back and asks, "We're not gonna make this work, are we?" Oh, the angels are singing tonight! This might really be the end! George blathers on about how marriage is hard, and he wants it to be forever, blah blah blah. He then says basically that the timing for them is good, but the chemistry isn't, thankfully voicing once and for all what we all knew from that horrible, awful day one. Not one to just let something go easily, Izzie hopefully asks if he's saying maybe someday it would work. He smiles and agrees. Actually, I think he totally just said the opposite thing, but whatever, it's coming to a close.

Mere, Cristina, and Lexie are dancing downstairs when George and Izzie walk in. Izzie gears up to get into a righteous snit but Meredith calls her over: "Come on, Izzie. Dance party." Izzie turns and asks George to dance, and they join in the party. Meredith's voice concludes, "And then somehow, improbably, and when you least expect it, the world rights itself again." And even though right now Izzie has thrown her arms around George's neck while they dance, I feel calm and confident that Meredith is right -- the world really has righted itself, and George and Izzie's painful "romance" is over and done, hopefully for good.

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