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George shuffles out to greet Tucker and do his unpleasant duty. Tucker guesses that Bailey sent him to say she can't make lunch, but George corrects him that Bailey just will be a bit late. "She's in surgery." Tucker counters, "Always is." George is taken a bit aback and adds, "Yeah, she's taking a little longer --" but Tucker cuts him off to say, "Always does," and then he heaves an angry sigh. George resorts to semi-dignified begging, telling Tucker about Bailey's bad day and her surgery, and asks him to stay, adding that Bailey told him to say "please." He adds, "Which as you know is not a word she uses that frequently." Tucker smiles, half sincere, half annoyed, and agrees, but then adds, "But tell Miranda I said don't keep me waiting long. PLEASE." George hightails it back to the OR to relay the message like a good little errand boy.

Izzie has followed Hahn out to the ambulance bay, and on the way she notices Jacob's wife and kids in the waiting room. She asks if it's okay for her to give them an update and meet Hahn in the ambulance bay, but Hahn bites her head off for the very notion. She marches off and Izzie chases her down, surprised that she doesn't want to keep the family informed. Hahn just counters that Izzie is thinking like a social worker, and that if she wanted to be that instead of a surgeon, it would have been a lot less school. She informs Izzie nastily that a surgeon will update the family when the crisis has passed. After a beat, Izzie apologizes and follows her out the door. Much as it pains me, I'm with Izzie on this one. The impression I've always gotten is that you wait for the crisis with that patient to pass, but you don't just move on to the next without even bothering to tell the family what's going on. Something about that seems horribly negligent and makes me uneasy. Of course, the uneasiness is probably also from my agreeing with Izzie.

Rose is working away on the computer when Steve comes back and reports that no one responded to the announcement. Of course they didn't, Steve -- how on earth can always-been-around Rose grow to be loved by viewers and follicularly blessed doctors alike if she doesn't turn out to be awesome in every way? She's having a bit of trouble reconnecting wires, though, because her hands aren't steady. Thank goodness for her, Derek's got the steady hands covered. He asks Steve if he also has a steady hand and Steve exuberantly declares, "Yes sir!" Derek tells him, "Good, it better be or you're gonna kill my patient," as he hands over the probes for Steve to hold so that he can go be a God on the computer.

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