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A Day of Damage on Walton's Mountain
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Previously on Grey's Anatomy, the site of George's naked chest made Meredith cry; Alex tangoed with the wrong neonatologist and landed full-time vagina duty; George started hooking up with Callie, who gives Izzie weird smiles; and when Meredith started possibly maybe potentially thinking about dating Dr. Chris O'Donnell, DVM, McDreamy gave her such a look of death that a crash cart was called in. Okay, I think I'm not good with the medical jokes because that one was D! O! A!

Oh, this show makes me want to live in Seattle. Meredith's voice-over of the week talks about how we all go through life doing damage to ourselves and other people. Did anyone ever see that Jeremy Irons movie, Damage? That was hot. McVettie calmly cooks for Meredith, who wriggles around like she's trying to dislodge an errant suppository. I think her problem is that she got so used to Selfish McDreamy being so wrapped up in his own gorgeous head that she doesn't expect a guy to pour her a bowl of Muesli, much less make her actual food. That she won't eat. "So, ah," Meredith huffs at McVettie's back, "I don't cook." McVettie calmly tells her he doesn't expect her to cook. Mere babbles more crap about not cooking and not expecting him to cook since she doesn't cook until McVettie finally orders her to sit down and shut up by drinking some coffee, "and I want you to try really hard to act like you aren't scary and damaged." Hee -- he saves animals' lives, he cooks, AND he gets Meredith to shut up. She's going to fuck this up, isn't she? Mere prissily insists that she's not scary or damaged. McVettie puts a plate of food in front of her and asks her to tell him about her family. She won't, but avers that her reluctance makes her neither scary nor damaged. McVettie lets that one go and asks about the last guy she slept with. Mere just stares back at his Paul Bunyan-y unshaven face with a frozen smile of "Not going there either." "The problem is trying to figure out how to control the damage we've done or that's been done to us," Mere voice-overs.

Back at the Gorgeous Victorian of Alzheimer Mothers, Izzie slaps on a Crest Whitestrip and asks what Mere told McVettie. Mere plucks her brows and admits she "fled the scene" without telling him about George or McDreamy. Izzie determines that Mere likes the hunky vet. "I could like him," Meredith admits. Izzie wonders if the sex is any good, but Meredith wouldn't know. "Four dates and two sleepovers and no sex?" Izzie calculates incredulously. "Not even a kiss goodnight," Meredith admits blandly. If that's all because of that death stare McDreamy gave her, I'm going to need a bedpan over here. Izzie croons that she's proud of Meredith. At that moment the bathroom door bangs open and Callie stands in the doorway. We can only see her slightly blurry form through the mirror, but she looks like she's grinning a bit creepily. I can't figure out what's up with this chick, and it's only about to get weirder. The camera zooms up to Callie's face, which looks like she stepped into some really bad lighting that both Meredith and Izzie managed to avoid. Seriously, her skin looks gray. Callie's smile has dropped and she's frowning in confusion as she mutters, "Morning." Instead of turning around and waiting for the two girls to leave, Callie shambles in, topless, pulls down her red lace panties, and appears to do her business. Meredith and Izzie give each other silently amused looks. We get another really unattractive close-up of Callie's face as she hunches over the toilet. She then licks her finger, which is just so "huh?", and grabs a huge length of toilet paper. A flush and a pull-up and Callie galumphs back out. Dude, she didn't even wash her hands! And she's a surgeon! Izzie snorts and Meredith can't believe what just happened. "I'm having a seizure!" Izzie says through her Crest Whitestrip, "I'm clearly mid-seizure, I'm seizing." Meredith keeps saying, "Oh, my god," and gesturing with her toothbrush. "She didn't even wash her hands!" Izzie realizes. "Sometimes we even think we can fix the damage," Meredith voice-overs as we shoot over to the hospital where Izzie is giving George a bit of a ream-out for his weird, braless, unsanitary girlfriend who doesn't mind peeing in front of people she doesn't really know. George reminds Izzie that she admitted to blocking the sink, and thinks she's exaggerating. "She peed! Naked peeing! Ask Meredith," Izzie announces, then remembers that he's not speaking to Meredith. To Cristina's intense interest, Izzie goes on a tear about how Callie crossed the line. From the sidelines, Alexhole snorts, noting how they're still pretending Izzie's not seeing Magical Heart Patient Denny. Izzie glares at him. "People, what's with all the evil misery?" Cristina wonders, throwing her one arm around Alexhole's shoulder and the other around Izzie's. "Live and let live!" Before anyone can ask who scrubbed in on Cristina's personality transplant, George touches her face and diagnoses, "You're cheerful." They all look scared. Turns out, Cristina helped with a four-hour esophageal hernia the previous night, then she got laid, and now three ambulances are on their way filled with "bloody, broken car crash victims, all who need to be cut open," and she can't stop dancing about it. Seriously, Cristina actually does a bizarre Happy Dance that makes me wonder if she was a cheerleader in high school. McDreamy arrives on the scene acting very McCrabby as he asks Meredith coarsely, "How's my dog?" Meredith says that McVet is running tests, and corrects him that it's their dog. "What?" McDreamy snaps. "Our dog," Meredith says, prancing a little. Oh, don't prance. Don't prance. "You said 'my dog,' he's our dog," Meredith says, smiling. "Yeah, whatever," McDreamy says, and when she asks what's wrong, he self-righteously tells her, "Now's not the time," as ambulances scream up.

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