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A Day of Damage on Walton's Mountain

Alex returns to the OR and reports that Addison is tube-tied up. Bailey reports that Melly's heart is asysto. Alex asks how long Melly's been down. Five minutes. Alex looks around quickly, at Melly's face, the monitor, the other surgeons, and announces, "I'm going to do a C-section. Glove me." Bailey stares at him. "We need to get that baby out, tell me what to do," Alex says. Bailey gives instruction, while Webber orders Pediatrics to report to them. Alex pulls out a very small, very purple baby. Webber doesn't think the baby looks good, and asks how Melly is doing. She's bleeding too much, and Bailey can't control it. Webber turns to Burke, who says, "She's not coming back." They stop. I cry. Webber calls the time of death just as Addison walks in. She takes in the situation and looks over at Alex and the purple baby. Alex seems to be suctioning the baby's nose as well as pushing on the tiny chest with his fingertip. The baby joins me in crying.

OR. Bailey stands watch over Melly, whose body is draped from the neck down. Surgeons, interns, and nurses clean up. Bailey stands there, thinking about her own baby and her own motherhood. Webber folds his arms and stands next to her.

George leads Big Daddy into Marshall's room. Big Daddy looks fierce, his lower lip is stuck out, and his heavy brows are contorted. Meredith and Marshall look up warily. "I am sorry," Marshall says brokenly, "I am so -- I am so, so sorry." Big Daddy approaches the bed, still looking mad as hell but also like a hurt kid. "Please," Marshall pleads. Big Daddy stands over him. George looks quickly at Meredith, who seems calm but choked up. Big Daddy reaches out with a huge ham of a hand and gently touches Marshall's shoulder and lightly strokes his face. Marshall breaks down, and I can no longer see my computer screen or breathe out of my left nostril. Big Daddy stands there for a moment, letting Marshall sob and hold onto his hand. Then he backs away and walks out with George.

Izzie closes the shades and doors to Denny's room. "Are we going to get in trouble?" Denny asks. Izzie doesn't care. "I'm not going to cheer up for you," Denny announces. "You don't have to cheer up," Izzie tells him, "I'm not here for me." She takes off her shoes and lies down next to him. "I'm here for you, okay?" She puts her arm across his chest and her head on his shoulder. Meredith voice-overs that we're all damaged, "some of us more than others." Cristina sits down to dinner with Burke, who notes, "You must be tired," as he digs into his food. "Yeah," Cristina agrees thoughtfully. Burke picks up a book and says, "I'm tired too." He eats behind his book. Cristina thinks.

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