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A Day of Damage on Walton's Mountain

Mere tells us, "We carry the damage with us from childhood," as Noah reaches into an incubator and touches his baby's tiny, tiny hand. Alex watches this from behind the glass. Exactly where George and Meredith would stand and look in at the babies when they were having a bad day, I think. "Then, as grownups, we give as good as we get." Addison walks in, sees Alex, and compliments him on his work that day. Alex turns away from the window: "Yeah, the kid's alive. Without a mother." He walks out. Always gotta ruin the moment and look like the toughest guy in the baby ward.

In the locker room, Meredith and George get dressed without acknowledging one another. "Ultimately, we all do damage," Meredith's voice-over concludes. I hate voice-overs. There's this enormous pressure to recap them because they're "imparting" "pearls" of "wisdom," but they're such a pain to follow. And also? Trite. It made more sense when Doogie Howser did it because he was actually writing in a journal of sorts, but these random ones are just annoying. Is she talking to me? To her mother? To herself? I just don't know. George bangs his locker shut and shuffles a bit. He steps near Meredith and ventures, "See you at home?" Meredith whips around to look at him: "Yeah." "Okay, see yuh," George nods, and leaves. "Okay," Meredith says hopefully. "And then," Meredith's voice-over informs us, "we set about the business of fixing whatever we can." Izzie and Denny lie together. "Izzie?" Denny asks. "Would it be wrong for me to feel you up right now?" "Not so much," Izzie replies. See, next time Denny wants to die, instead of bringing chocolate, just bring your dinners. Denny and Izzie giggle. "Such a dirty boy," Izzie tells him. "I know," Denny says happily. So? Is he going to feel her up?

In the boiler room, George sits with Callie, who is lying down in bed in what is a very unattractive angle. Why must they shoot her in such bad light and angles? She looks insane. Callie tells George that she washed her hands. She went into the kitchen and washed her hands. "I didn't wash my hands in the bathroom because those girls were staring at me like I was a rodent or something." Putting on a bra and not peeing in front of people might help. "Like I was in high school and I was having the naked dream and it was actually happening. I didn't even know they were home. I washed my hands," Callie insists. But again, there's knocking on the bathroom door before entering, there's wearing a top when walking around someone else's house, and there's still that choice NOT to pee in front of people you barely know or like! George leaps onto Callie's bed and snuggles with her. Callie fixes George with what I choose to see as a crazy look. "You have to stand up for me," she tells him, "you have to say I washed my hands." George lies down next her and Callie takes his arm and puts it around her. Note that George doesn't do it himself. "I'm sorry," George says, holding her close.At McVettie's, Meredith hangs over McVettie's shoulder in the kitchen. I hate when people do that. I'm always stepping on them, or spattering them, or stabbing them with my chef's knife. McVettie tells her that she's driving him crazy with the hovering. Meredith prances into a corner and breathes deeply and deliberately. Is she doing yoga now? McVettie might like her Downward Dog. She thinks the two of them could be a mistake. He's a really nice guy and he doesn't want to get involved with her. "If you knew me," Meredith starts. "Scary?" McVettie supplies. "Finn," Meredith pleads. "And damaged," McVettie finishes, "see? I told you." Meredith starts to babble about what he would think if he knew her, knew her family, knew the guys she had slept with lately: "The scary and damaged may actually be more than you can handle." McVettie puts down his glass of wine and is about to make me love him. He looks Meredith square in the face and says, "My mother's dead. She got cancer when I was ten and she suffered for a really long time and then she died. And my father never recovered -- it was kind of like he died with her except his body is above ground and permanently placed in front of the TV with a bottle of scotch in his lap." Hey, I do that with wine! "The last woman I slept with was my wife, and she died too. It was a car crash, so it was quick. She didn't suffer, which I appreciated." Yep, throw in that he sometimes has to deal with cute, dying, fuzzy things, and he WAY out-damages Meredith and her Alzheimer mother, absent father, and several heartaches. McVettie tells her he thinks his luck is changing because he met her and she likes dogs and pony births and has the ability to save lives. "I never said I wasn't scary and damaged too," McVettie concludes. Meredith takes this all in and finally kisses him. She pulls away and they look at each other, smiling.

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