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A Day of Damage on Walton's Mountain

Izzie perches on an unwilling Denny's bed. She makes him smell and eat Swiss chocolate and look at tabloid headlines. Denny gets really irritated and tells her to stop it. He goes off about losing his life: "I'm a man. I'm a strong, virile horse of a man stuck in the body of some weak-sick bastard that I don't know, like, or recognize." Denny rants that if Izzie understood that, she never would have convinced him to let a battery run his heart. "If you knew what it feels like, Izzie, you would've let me go," Denny clenches. Izzie just shakes her head and won't meet his eyes. Izzie, you gotta let him go be with his sons. I have a feeling they really need him.

More bad stuff goes wrong with Melly, and now the baby is fading. The Chief says they've reached The Triangle: "Hands out." Protests all around. The Chief yells, "Dammit, stop! Everybody stop!" They all stop. Except for Cristina. Burke says quietly, "Cristina, let her go." Bailey reports that the heart is slow and erratic, but it's still beating. Addison reports the same for the baby. Burke asks for the plastic. They're going to keep Melly open, cover her in plastic, and get her to the I.C.U. "And then what?" Alex drawls. "Then we're going to see if she survives," Burke responds. McDreamy looks up around his Itty Bitty Brain Light and sees a disheveled and insane-looking Marshall in the observation gallery. His hair is huge, dude. Marshall's, not McDreamy's. McDreamy's is perfect and hot.

After the commercial break, McDreamy settles Marshall into his CT scan and goes to ream out Meredith. Meredith tries to explain that Marshall is a surgical intern, but McDreamy interreams her. He lectures her, he chastises her, and he accuses her. "This is YOUR fault. You had him and you LOST him." McDreamy starts to walk away but turns around to gesture some more: "You have GOT to take responsibility for your actions FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!" Meredith stares after him and barks, "Derek!" but he doesn't come back. Instead, McDreamy just paces in a small area and takes deep breaths. Bailey explains to Momma and Big Daddy what they're doing with Melly. Addison and Bailey explain that they want Melly to get her strength back before they operate again. If they operate too soon, she will die. If they operate too late, she will die. It's a balancing act. Momma breathes hard and cries silently. Bailey tells Cristina to call her if Melly bleeds out too much. Alex tries to get away, but Addison snaps him back like a first-year cadet and tells him to sit and watch the fetal monitor. "You're kidding me, she's circling the drain," Alexhole says. Just, ew. All I can think of is a hair clog. Death and a hair clog. Drano can fix only one of those. Addison drops the significant information, "You know how long a baby can survive inside its dead mother? Four to five minutes. Minutes, not seconds, Karev." Addison orders Alexhole to look at Melly and realize that everyone around her is concerned with taking care of her. Her job is to take care of the unborn baby. "Now I've got a surgery scheduled, so when I step on that elevator and leave, you are going to be the only one on this entire floor responsible for that baby. Do not let me down, Karev," Addison says, and walks away.

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