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A Day of Damage on Walton's Mountain

Izzie, Meredith, and Cristina sit in a lobby and put themselves in Marshall's blood-stained shoes. One minute he's a surgeon and the next, he's destroyed an entire family. Izzie remembers falling asleep in the parking lot on a bench before she made it to the car. Meredith adds, "I fell asleep on a table. At a restaurant. When I was on a date." I don't believe her. I mean, until the recent McVettie, hasn't it all been McDreamy, McDreamy, McDreamy, Potential Pink Mist, McDreamy, McDreamy? Cristina, in a tone of trumping them all, says she fell asleep during sex. I don't find that as weird as the bench or the restaurant. I mean, you're already undressed, in bed, pillow in sight -- it's a natural reaction no matter what is going on with your Good Girl, right? George comes over and whispers to Izzie that she blew off Callie's surgery. Izzie says she had a thing with Magical Heart Patient Denny. "You were hanging out with Denny?" George whispers. Izzie tells him not to go there with the judgments and the standards: "The girl can't even wash her hands." Izzie and Meredith laugh nastily. I think Callie is totally weird and creepy and that they are building up to her doing something completely psychotic, but I kind of hate Izzie and Meredith right now. Well, I pretty much always hate Meredith with her half-closed eyes and her weird lisps and her uncanny aping of Renee Zellweger, but hating Izzie is a new feeling and I don't exactly like it. George looks over at Meredith, who is in mid-bitchsnort. She pauses. He walks away. She sort of looks ashamed, but actually looks more annoyed that he even dared look at her. Cristina tells Meredith not to sweat Bambi: "If Burke can forgive me for falling asleep then George can forgive you for crying." Meredith points out that Burke hasn't forgiven Cristina. Cristina looks around all, "Oh, right. Oops!" Callie fixes a splint on Noah's leg. George pokes his head in and says that Izzie had a patient. Callie pauses, looks down for moment, and shakes her head slightly: "I knew you'd take her side." Before George can feel around for a spine, Callie walks out ordering him to fix an IV for Noah. George stands there, twisting in the wind, and Noah says, "She's mad at you." George didn't realize he was awake, but he is, and it's time for him to tell George a little Walton allegory about how he met and married Melly. Melly was this big-haired, drawlin', Southern girl that he met in college and married. Everyone he knows back home in Seattle thinks he's crazy, but he loves her. "And what's happening is that my big-haired Southern girl could be dying and I can't think about that. You know, I need to think about something else, something that doesn't matter so much. Something that doesn't have me burying my twenty-two-year-old wife and baby, so um, so what the hell did you do?" Noah demands through his tears. And mine. Dammit, AB, how the hell do you do this every week? I'm going to be dehydrated by the end of this recap and that WON'T BE PRETTY! George steps up and makes me smile when he baldly says, "I believed my friend when she told me Dr. Torres doesn't wash her hands." Noah takes this in and says sincerely, "Well, I hope that's not true." He gestures at his leg. "Seeing that she just performed surgery on me...and all." "Yeah," George agrees.

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