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A Day of Damage on Walton's Mountain

In Melly's room, Cristina reports on Melly's temp and pH. Burke and Webber mutter some things about oozing wounds and fine lines. Momma sits in the corner in her tailored red suit with her folded hands and says, "Y'all don't have to whisper. I'm sittin' righ' here, I kin hear yew ennyway. And she's mah baby. She's mah little gurl. A big decision like this, going back in and sewing up her," Momma falters, "…organs. It's the kinda decision that a momma oughta be involved in." Momma goes on that Melly has asked her mother to be involved with everything, from the dress she wore to a kindergarten dance to what to name her baby. "Because I'm her momma," Momma explains, tearfully, and shrugs, "and it's my job to have an opinion and it's my job to have an answer. Well, I may not have an answer here, but I'm still her momma, so y'all just don't have to whisper." I need an I.V. to replenish my tear ducts. Webber agrees, and he and the rest of the surgeons talk in normal voices about what they have to do. Bailey thinks if they don't do something soon, she'll go into multiple organ failure. Webber agrees and says, "If it's all right with you, Mrs. [Walton], we think it's time to get back in there and finish what we started." Momma nods, smiling through her tears. Happy that she was asked.

In the OR, McDreamy finishes his part. The rest of the surgeons work fast, but stuff is failing. Alex reports that the fetal heart rate is failing. They try to use the internal defib panels. It doesn't work. The Chief orders Alex to get Addison. He scampers off. Addison, however, is mid-surgery, or, as she puts it, "elbow-deep in a patient's uterus," and asks Alex what the hell she can do for Melly. She's not going to leave her current patient and baby to die. She tells Alex to do what he can and she'll be there when she can. George sits silently with Noah and the Waltons. I embarrass myself by snuffling loudly and wetly into my pizza in front of my guests. I can't help it, I'm not used to this kind of recapping! Where's the hate? The repulsive fashions? The horrible continuity errors? I need the hate! I am not made to be a sodden mess of a recapper who is easily manipulated by fake death and music! Momma checks with George that "they" will know where to find them when there's news. "Yes, ma'am," George assures her. "Is there something I should be doing, someone I should talk with, some…" Big Daddy trails off. George quietly tells him he's doing all he can. Meredith pokes her head in and summons George over. She explains that Marshall wants the chance to apologize. George is impassive until Meredith reminds him, "He's one of us, George." George nods without looking at her and return to the Waltons. Meredith backs out of the room, and we don't yet know if George will deliver her message.

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