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Oh Henry!
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We, as a people, tend to say we had a terrible day when we get in a fight with our boss or have the flu, but nothing truly terrible has actually happened. So starts Meredith's voiceover as we see Henry having what could actually be classified as a terrible day (well, night): coughing up large quantities of blood into a bucket while Teddy (her shirt covered in his blood) frets and Bailey and Owen try to figure out what is wrong. Teddy tells them that Henry hasn't had a new tumor since June, and since Webber did that full workup Bailey has him paged to come help out. Owen decides they have to put in a central line so Teddy automatically grabs the kit and starts to open it. Owen goes to her and gently tells her that they've got it, and she nods and tries to hold back her tears, feeling helpless and hating it.

It's obviously going to be One Of Those Nights in the ER. Arizona gets a call that a child is coming who had his face half ripped off by a dog so she goes to get ready for that but then gets a phone call and she asks whoever it is, "Where?"

Mere, Cristina and Alex are still at the bar (this episode picking up approximately ten minutes or so after the last one left off) having a good time that seems sure to be cut short if the tone of the first couple of scenes is anything to go by. Alex walks back to their table and they mock him for being rejected by a girl, but Alex (preferring to look like an ass rather than a loser) admits that he got rejected because it turns out he had actually hooked up with her before and she didn't take it so well that he didn't remember that. Hey, at least his taste is consistent. The girls mock him and he defends that this is George's fault, because talking about dead people throws him off of his game. Meredith's phone rings and she sees that it's Janet, so she runs off to take it, asking Cristina to cover the tab. Alex gets a page and has to go so he tries to get Cristina to spot him some dough but she makes him pay, adding that since Meredith is on the phone with a social worker, he can find $20 to cover her bill.

Callie is in the process of discharging a patient and reminds the woman that since they just put a bunch of screws in her back, she'll need to take it easy with her little boy. The woman is flinching with each move and Callie wants to keep her there another day, but she insists she has to go home to be with her son. Is it normal to discharge someone when they are still in this much pain? Something about it seems to warrant more than just Callie mildly suggesting she hang around. But they're interrupted when the woman's husband and son come in to see her and Callie doesn't push it. Instead, she kneels down and tells the little boy that he has to be very gentle with his mommy the next few days. She then reminds the woman to call her if she has any problems and she and her husband thank Callie; all of them are cheerful but the woman is clearly trying to cover up some pain and surely this isn't going to end well.

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