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Oh Henry!

Back in Henry's secret surgery, Richard is impressed and Cristina is incredibly pleased with herself when things start to go horribly wrong. Alarms are ringing and while Cristina wants to try one last thing to see if they can get rid of the clots and bleeding, Richard sees blood in his breathing tube orders her to pull the laser contraption out so that he can open up his chest. Richard starts to open him up and we are treated to a shot of his face -- in case we forgot it was Henry, perhaps? -- and I thought that the towel was going to fall off and Cristina would be horrified, but no. The horror continues with her still in the dark about who the patient really is.

Once away from their patient's wife, Callie angrily orders Jackson to find every film they took of Laura before and after her surgery, adding that if she survives this surgery they also need a CT and a bone density test to try and figure out what happened. He looks serious but doesn't seem to have taken it all to heart like Callie has and when he gets a page, he apologizes profusely but runs off. Callie is staring after him, aghast, when Bailey walks up and asks her what is going on. Callie tells her and Bailey is a little bit shocked, but when she sees that Callie is practically hyperventilating she assures her that this is part of their job, to let students operate, and that they don't always get it right. Note to self: no teaching hospitals, ever. But what Callie feels really guilty about is that she was actually reading a magazine while Avery worked. Bailey puts a stop to her beating herself up and reminds her that it's what they all do, but Callie can't shake the crushing guilt that she knows what J.Lo wore to get coffee and that's why her patient just had a screw mutilate her heart. Bailey just shushes her.

Poor Henry is bleeding like crazy and at first they can't figure out what is going on. But Cristina finally finds that his tumor eroded through his pulmonary artery. Richard reaches in to check this himself while Lexie looks like she might vomit inside her mask. He asks for something and Cristina gently tells him that the patient has lost half of his blood already, and is maxed out on about every type of medicine they can give, so she's not sure what else they can do. On cue, Henry's heart then stops, and so Richard pulls out all the tools and just puts a heart over the organ and starts compressions. Everyone looks at the screen showing a stubbornly flat line, and then a doubtful Cristina looks back at Richard.

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