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Oh Henry!

The convenient thing about having a child who needs his face reattached is that it gives all sorts of the doctors a chance to work on the kid and therefor discuss their personal problems. Mark tells Arizona about his gracious offer to timeshare Sofia with Derek and Meredith, and Arizona can't believe Derek said no, asking him if he's seen how cute their baby is. Derek protests that the baby isn't a rental car but the two parents go on, mock-offended that Derek has no interest. This is possibly the most uncomfortable "comedic" subplot we've had on the show. Everything else going on is so horrible, it's hard to suddenly enjoy the ridiculous cutesy joking and it feels pretty shoehorned in to give the episode one of its very few light moments. Jackson runs in with the phone (so to his credit, he ditched Callie for a legitimate reason) and tells them that the ambulance broke down in the middle of the road and backup is really slow to get there. Derek tells him to put the phone on speaker so they can all hear Alex yelling about how they are sitting ducks. Derek tells them to use the flares (why did no one think of that before?) and then tells Jackson to try and get them a helicopter. He leaves the phone with them and runs out.

Richard is still doing compressions, but Cristina finally tells him quietly that it's been 20 minutes, and there's no way the patient is coming back since he has no blood left in him to circulate. Noooooooooo! Richard finally stops, and Lexie is overcome and has to leave. Cristina is a little bit confused about everyone's behavior, but calls time of death and reminds Richard that there was no way to take out the tumor without killing him and no way he'd live much longer with it. He's still silent, and she's still confused, but tries to continue like normal -- she tells him she'll write up the surgery but asks him if he'll add a note because, as it was a bad outcome, she doesn't want to have any trouble when she does her boards. Richard is still staring numbly at Henry, and Cristina is by now pretty thoroughly wigged out. Owen comes into the scrub room and Richard gives him a tiny, sad nod of his head. Cristina doesn't catch that, but just calls to Owen what happened, adding that with the eroded artery they were essentially over before they began. She then turns to Richard and asks if there is any family to notify. At this, Owen gestures for her to join him and she walks out. We don't hear what he says but we see the moment he admits that the patient was Henry because Cristina grabs her head, staring at him, and then starts to freak out. She yells at him and hits him, then finally dissolves into tears as he holds her. Man, this is sad.

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