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Oh Henry!

In the other OR, Derek, Mark and Arizona are still trying to talk to Alex and figure out what he and Meredith can do. Derek thinks they have to take the baby out and get away from the rig, but Alex tells them that they can't regulate the baby's temperature without the incubator. Quietly, Mark says that they are going to have to leave her, then. Meredith hears this and yells at them that she's absolutely not leaving her. Mark thinks one of them should get out but Derek points out that it's not like they would flip a coin. Mark just mumbles that they are sitting in a powder keg.

Inside said powder keg, the two doctors are yelling at each other and Alex tries to order her out, but Mere yells back that he should leave if he wants to, because she's not going to assuage his guilt by letting him die in an ambulance. Too late, however, there is a giant crunch of metal and a screeching as the ambulance is hit by something, and in arty slo-mo they both fall to the ground, hitting their heads on the way down.

Owen walks in to see Teddy, who is still enraged at Callie for what she thinks is her mistake. She asks how Henry is doing and Owen says that surgery is done, and does she have a second? She does not, and explains to him what "Callie" did and how she's going to be working for a while. She then asks Owen to check on Henry for her and jokes about being a bad wife who can't be with him in post-op. Owen offers to take over for him but she just laughs and tells him he would be way out of his depth with this surgery. She finally realizes his un-poker face is all tortured and asks what's up, but he manages to blame his face on the ambulance that broke down. She accepts this and then goes right back to chatting away about Henry and his med school dream, and asks Owen if he can talk him in to something else. Owen can barely stand it and seems relieved to flee to go supposedly check on him.

Derek, Mark and Arizona are all staring at the phone, which now is just playing a dial tone. Jackson comes in to tell them that another ambulance is on its way, as well as the police, and that they would get there just as fast as a helicopter at this point. He then asks if they are still on speaker, and Arizona very evenly tells him that there was a loud noise and then they were disconnected. Derek looks like an empty shell of himself, sitting near the kid's head with instruments in his hand. Mark tells Jackson very slowly that Derek is going to put down those instruments and step away, and that he and Arizona will walk Jackson through the rest of the surgery. Derek actually then drops the instruments and snaps off his gloves as he leaves, and Avery sprints to the scrub room to get ready.

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