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Cristina finds Mere sitting on a gurney outside of the ER and asks her what Janet said. Mere takes a deep breath and fidgets as she says slowly that they are not getting Zola back. Cristina does what any good friend would do and asks then what Janet said exactly, sure that Meredith must be interpreting incorrectly. Mere explains that their court date was cancelled, which means that they love the couple and are giving them their baby back or that the court hates them and it's all over. If it's the first scenario, Janet would get a call saying as much, and she didn't, so Meredith says that means it's the latter. Cristina clings to hope that maybe they just hadn't been able to make the call yet but Meredith finally sucks it up and tells Cristina that Janet's exact words were, 'I think it's time that you and Derek start thinking about moving on." It's true, that doesn't leave a lot of room for misinterpretation. Cristina realizes this and sits down next to her friend and tells her it's okay to cry, but Mere quickly shoots back that she doesn't want to. Well, she doesn't want to right here, I imagine. She can barely control herself as she stares blankly, brokenhearted, and says that she is never going to see Zola again. Cristina gives her a hug but it only lasts a second because Mere pulls away and says that's going to make her cry too. The whole conversation is horrible but that really got me because I have so been there, when you can't have anyone express sympathy or you'll just break. Cristina just sits and rubs her back.

Henry's cough sounds horrible and he seems completely miserable. (Hello, my name is Captain Obvious. I think misery is a given when you're coughing up blood.) Richard wants to take him to CT but Teddy immediately argues that he needs to go right to a different procedure to investigate. Owen stays really calm as she reminds Teddy that a CT will help them and also, by the way, she's not his doctor; Richard is. Bailey adds that she hears this Dr. Webber is good though she's not entirely sure, because he's new. It's forced levity on Bailey's part and it elicits a tiny sad chuckle from me but the situation is just bleak and tinged with doom. Henry explains to his audience that Teddy hates it when he's in the hospital, which makes it kind of funny that she married a guy with a chronic illness. I suppose to be fair she didn't expect to fall in love with him but we all took TV 101 and knew that was coming. Teddy turns to Richard and tells him she's coming to CT, almost like she's challenging him to not allow it. Richard just replies evenly that he wouldn't have it any other way. You don't spend half your life being Chief of Surgery and not learn how to handle panicky spouses, especially when they are former employees and current friends.

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