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Cristina finds Derek at the computer, bidding on scalpels from the 1860s for his wife. I'd make a crack but I actually find that perfect and surprisingly endearing, though I will forever be confused by his about-face. He is so caught up in that special eBay euphoria that comes in the last few minutes of an auction that when Cristina runs in and tells him that Meredith has to talk to him, he doesn't pick up on her urgency. She finally has to tell him that Janet called and her tone and her face make it fairly apparent that the news was not good. Derek thinks for just a moment and then bolts.

So it appears that the page Alex got was from Arizona, pertaining to the phone call she received: a baby was born a couple of hours ago with something that has a whole lot of syllables and involves a connection between the trachea and esophagus, which really cannot be in any way good since, as Alex points out, the baby's lungs can fill with secretions and have a hard time both breathing and feeding. The tiny hospital they are at isn't set up to handle such a sick baby so he needs to go pick her up and bring her back so that Arizona can take care of her as soon as she's done putting the face back on her dog bite victim. She orders Alex to basically outfit the ambulance like a NICU and also to find a buddy to go along. She sees Meredith sitting where Cristina left her and tells her she is going; when Mere protests that she has to talk to Derek she sounds far too normal and like she might be talking to him about a grocery list. Arizona isn't swayed at all and just shoots back that a baby's life is hanging in the balance, so she has to make it fast.

The dog bite victim arrives, face covered in bandages, and Arizona escorts his gurney away.

At the same time a nurse is wheeling out Callie's patient -- I dug through my notes until I realized that Callie says her name at the end of the hour, but I'm going to tell you now that it's Laura so that we can avoid any more confusion. Laura is in some obvious pain that no medical professional seems to be worried about, though she does kind of pull herself together to say hi to Avery and introduce him to her husband, since Avery helped out on her surgery. He's cute, her son is cute, everyone makes cute, and then they start heading out the door again. Her husband makes a light comment about Avery's eyes and how, if he wasn't so confident, he'd have to challenge him to a duel. Let it be known that he does appear to be confident, but he also seems to lose himself for a moment imagining that duel. He's so busy fighting Avery in his head that at first he doesn't notice when his wife doubles over in agony. He grabs her and they call for help, so April runs over.

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