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Mere is all suited up for travel in her giant Seattle Grace coat and Derek is walking with her to the ambulance, trying to figure out what their options are. He goes so far as to suggest that they could sue but let's hope we don't go there because I'm not sure what leg they would have to stand on at this point that would change the judge's mind. Meredith is totally over it, though, and just tells Derek that they don't think she is trustworthy or that they should be parents. Derek hugs her and tells her that they will find a way but Meredith just tells him simply that Zola was their baby, and now that she's gone, she doesn't want another. She then sits down in the back of the ambulance and stares into space as the doors are closed and Derek frets on the other side.

Owen is frantically working on Laura and he's told that Callie just performed a spinal fusion on the woman. Her heart doesn't sound good and April starts to intubate; Owen has to get stern with her confused and scared husband to go wait outside until they figure out what happened. He then angrily demands that someone find Callie.

Teddy is talking to Henry before his CT and assures him that he's going to be fine, then apologizes for killing his hopes and dreams earlier. Henry points out that he just started spitting up blood so that he could win. I know some people don't like these two together, and I know it was stupidly convenient and contrived, but I like them. This hour doesn't bode well for me. They flirt and giggle and talk about med school and he tells her he knows it is her worst nightmare. She gently agrees but assures him they will figure something out. She then kisses him and goes to the next room to observe.

Richard is there and when she asks about Bailey, he explains that they didn't need that many doctors there and also, she'd probably be less of a handful for the former Chief of Surgery. Again, Richard didn't do this job for years for nothing. He asks her what type of CT she'd like to run and then goes with what she says, which is clearly building up some trust for her. She then gets a page for a consult and though she wants to ignore it, Richard assures her that she doesn't have to be there just for a scan and that if she's not back, he'll find her right away with the results. He stays very calm and so she finally reluctantly agrees, and thanks him. A second after she's gone and Richard looks very worried at the grey blobs they show us. Seriously, this show loves to do the lingering close-ups on scans accompanied by dramatic music but it's always funny since the layperson can't possibly tell what they are looking at.

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