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Oh Henry!

The problem with her wanting another suggestion is that everyone they have to offer is either gone or deemed unworthy. She wants Cristina to do it since she just did a similar procedure almost entirely by herself but Owen and Bailey immediately tell her what a horrible idea this is, and how it's too much pressure to ask her to operate on her mentor's husband. Suddenly what Teddy doesn't love about Cristina becomes her greatest gift -- she assures them that Cristina will be fine because she's a machine. Owen takes some exception to this description of his wife and names some other doctors, but Teddy is having none of it. He suggests Richard again, but Richard speaks up and tells them that he doesn't have anything to prove and he's fine with Cristina doing the laser surgery so that Henry will be up and about sooner. Teddy adds that they don't even have to tell Cristina who it is -- just give her a verbal history of the patient and cover his face and voila! Cristina gets to cut without any of those nasty feelings she hates getting in the way. Bailey and Owen are highly skeptical but Richard promises he'll be there the whole time and at the first hint of trouble he'll open Henry up and do it the old-fashioned way. Teddy admits she doesn't love the idea either but since she can't do the surgery herself, Cristina is the next best thing since she knows her protégé will do whatever she herself would do. Owen finally agrees, almost under his breath, and storms out. Teddy tells Richard to watch Cristina closely because she doesn't want to have to tell Henry that they had to remove half of his lung.

Alex and Mere arrive at the tiny hospital and meet Dr. Wagner, who is the one who called. I'm not sure where they are but he says the baby was born six hours ago so that means they have spent at least three hours in that ambulance. He explains the problems and that the baby is still struggling to breathe -- the problem is that the hospital isn't set up at all for neonatal care or even for OB at all, but this was an emergency delivery. Meredith and Alex get to work and Alex is troubled to realize that they truly don't have any piece of tubing or equipment tiny enough to handle what they might need. Mere and Alex exchange a glance over the baby while they work and they look pissed off, but I think it was supposed to look like they are just deeply worried about the baby's chances. Mere opens up the supplies they brought to see what might help.

Owen and Lexie are standing outside of Henry's room as he gives her whispered instructions to not bring Cristina in to the OR until Henry is totally under and his face is draped. Lexie's quivering with nerves and reiterates that Richard will be there; Owen promises that everyone but Cristina will know what is going on. When he asks her if she can handle it Lexie starts to babble and giggle but agrees that it will be fine, especially because she'll be wearing a mask. I think this was supposed to be a brief moment of comic relief, but it's pretty weak sauce. Behind her, poor Henry just lies back in bed with his barf bucket in his lap.

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