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Owen finds Cristina in the skills lab and when he tells her about the surgery, she totally moans about how she doesn't want to do it since she's practicing for a bucket list surgery and just did a similar procedure the week before. Owen is totally frustrated with her and tries to cajole her into it, but she just keeps practicing something on the heart in front of her and so he finally yells at her to drop everything and scrub in. She does, but thinks he's lost his mind a little bit. She then adds that she hopes the surgery is fast because she wants to be fresh for her procedure the next morning. This is almost too much for Owen to handle and he yells at her again to get going. Man, I hope no one ever entrusts him with a horrible secret because he's almost a worse liar (well, "withholder of the truth") than Lexie. Cristina natters on as she goes, telling him that she's not going to do every little procedure Teddy doesn't feel like doing herself. Owen looks like he's going to put his fist through a wall, but this is so not Cristina's fault -- in any other situation this would be her normal way of being and no one would mind, and he is one of the ones who insisted that she not be told why this surgery was so important.

Derek is shuffling around the OR area when he sees Cristina on the way to her surgery. She doesn't have a whole lot to say -- I mean, what do you say in a situation like this? But she finally suggests that this might not be the end, and he could make some calls in the morning. Derek just reminds her that Meredith didn't want kids but he pushed her, so she opened herself up to it, which means that her grief now is all his fault. Wait, did we just hear Derek Shepherd take personal responsibility for something? Cristina assures him that Mere wanted it too or it wouldn't have happened, but Derek retorts that she'll blame him like he's been blaming her all these weeks. Lo and behold, folks, that really IS Derek admitting to bad behavior. Fine, so he only sees it when it's about to come around bite him in the ass, but I'll take it! Desperately, he says that he's lost Zola and he can't lose Meredith too. Cristina tells him that Meredith always comes back, even if she needs a little bit of time to herself first. She then pats his arm and heads to her own surgery.

Teddy and April are still trying to staunch the bleeding in Laura's chest when April's glove gets stuck on something. She realizes she's got a hole in it and quickly is given another glove by the nurses as she assures Teddy it didn't break the skin. Teddy investigates and seems to find what April hit, but has no idea what it could be.

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