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Oh Henry!

As Cristina enters the OR, Lexie pointedly puts one last towel over Henry's face. Richard -- the single one of them able to act cool throughout this situation -- happily tells Cristina that he's looking forward to seeing the procedure and possibly learning something; Cristina actually replies that it's an honor. Lexie gives the bullet on the patient and then when Cristina has the laser, she decides that she wants to time herself, to see if she can beat the two and a half hours it took her the week before. From Lexie's body language we can see that she's cringing behind her mask but Richard just calls out to the nurse to start a timer. Richard is the only one to remember that no one would bat an eye at this behavior if it weren't a secret VIP patient. But he and Lexie do exchange a tense glance over Cristina's head as she starts.

Meredith and Alex are wheeling the baby's incubator to the ambulance, accompanied by some ominous thunder. Someone calls after them and they and Dr. Wagner all turn to see the baby's mom, Dana, in a wheelchair, looking pretty worse for wear. Dr. Wagner is appalled to see her out of bed but she threatened to try walking if the nurse didn't wheel her down, and he has to remind her that she just had surgery and lost a lot of blood, which means she can't go along in the ambulance like she is begging to do. Understandably, though, she's freaked out and begs him, crying, until Mere comes over to talk to her. She introduces herself and Alex and promises Dana that they are taking the baby to the best doctors and will take amazing care of her. Finally, Dana relents, and they take the baby outside.

Callie walks in to the OR to ask what happened and Teddy just angrily orders a nurse to show Callie a tray. Callie looks inside and sees a screw caked with gore, and as she stares uncomprehendingly Teddy spits that the screw was ripping into Laura's cardiac muscle each time her heart tried to beat and now her heart looks like hamburger. Callie is horrified, and when Teddy demands to know what happened, Callie has no answer.

Back in the ambulance, Meredith and Derek have both slumped back into their seats and look exactly like they did on the way in. Alex won't let the baby subject drop and suggests adopting again -- Meredith points out that as social services just took their baby away this would probably not work out for them. Alex keeps suggesting other options and ignoring Mere's pleas to stop, telling her that she can't just give up. But when Mere tells him thanks but it's not his business, he retorts sadly that it is because it's all his fault and he can't handle it. Mere tells him it's not but he's sure it is and seems sincerely tortured and not just saying it so have Mere absolves him of his guilt. They argue about whose fault it is and Mere points out that what Alex did was dirty, but what she did was in fact illegal. Their conversation is interrupted when there's a big bang, the ambulance comes to a stop and the siren slows down and quiets. Alex calls up to the driver to ask what the problem is.

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