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Scared Straight

Teddy and Owen are slowly rolling their patient down the hallway and instead of being quiet, Teddy is babbling that she can't believe they came lived through going to war only to wind up with a shooter in the hospital. Owen has taken the lead and is looking around cautiously, and finally asks if she has a point, so Teddy announces that she thinks he loves both her and Cristina and tried to get Teddy fired so he wouldn't have to make a choice. However, with a shooter out there, she tells him he now has to choose, for both their sakes. Honestly, is this really the time and place to have this conversation when a shooter could be right around the corner? Owen seems to realize that but she also hit the nail on the head and he clearly doesn't want to choose between his women, so he pulls a classic Kelly Taylor and chooses himself neither. He trails off when he sees a dead doctor on the ground and this somehow tells him that they can't go to the ICU, and he realizes they are sitting ducks in the hallway (even more so than normal when they're making a ruckus about feelings rather than keeping quiet to as not draw attention). He then gets his phone out to call 911. Seriously, he just thought of all this NOW?

Richard is outside demanding some answers from Officer Chase, who explains that they are going floor-by-floor and taking visitors out first, then non-essential staff, and then the doctors. I get being deliberate and leaving people to take care of the patients, but on the other hand this seems like a pretty crappy reward for all those years of med school, to get to sit and wait for someone to possibly come shoot you while the others are evacuated. Richard asks if they got the shooter or if they even know who he is, and Officer Chase is clearly pissed at Richard for asking the question since he doesn't know any of that yet. Another officer finally gets sound on her computer and plays a montage of 911 calls from all of our usual suspects, detailing the carnage thus far. One of the last calls he hears is Cristina, telling them that the shooter was searching for Derek and then shot him. First paperwork, then getting shot... this job really isn't turning out the way Derek thought it was going to when he was gunning for it.

Meredith makes it to Derek's side and holds her hand to the wound while begging him to hold on; he tries to get her to leave but she's got the physical advantage over him right now and stays there, begging him to live. Cristina runs out and reports that no one is going to come get them in time to help Derek and then notices the pool of blood spreading from underneath Derek's back. She realizes he needs surgery and after a moment, runs to the other end of the walkway and through the door, while Meredith yells at Derek to stay awake.

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