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Scared Straight

Lexie runs back in and, showing a little bad-assness of her own, doesn't even mention the fact that she was just nearly killed and instead gets right back to trying to help Alex, who is now unconscious. Unfortunately Mark says there's nothing else that he can do, but if that's the case what the heck was Lexie getting more supplies for? She sits at Alex's head and begs him not to die, blaming herself for all this because she was the one who unplugged Gary's wife. If Mark had considered jumping in and assuring her that this wasn't her fault, he would have been stunned into depressed silence pretty quickly, because Lexie then tells Alex that she loves him.

Arizona and Callie have managed to be adult enough to put aside their bickering long enough to help Ruby and her ruptured appendix. Arizona stands behind her and gives her a shot while Callie faces her and has her squeeze Callie's hand, all the while making kid-friendly impressed small talk to distract her. Arizona looks up at Callie but sees that her face has gone serious and she's staring at something over Arizona's shoulder -- Gary has arrived for his systematic terrorization of every single doctor we know. Arizona announces that there are only children there and then drapes herself over Ruby, repeating herself in a whisper over and over. Callie gets the fun job of dealing with Gary, but since she stays calm and nice (and because she wasn't one of his wife's docs) he doesn't threaten her but instead points out, rather dazed, that he's been shot. Callie offers him some bandages with instructions of how to use them and slowly makes her way over to put them in his hand on top of his gun, then tells him to go; miraculously, he thanks her and leaves, and she then shuts the door in a hurry.

I'm impressed that Ruby, without seeing what was happening, managed to stay relatively quiet with only a few whimpers while that all was going on but once he's gone she cries out for her mommy, and Callie runs back to try and calm her. Arizona's still pretty shaken up and looks at Callie with tears running down her face, which fortunately Ruby can't see. Callie tells Ruby how lucky she is to have the best doctor in the world who also has a "super magic smile" that can make people feel better just when she walks in the room. Callie then looks away from Ruby (who surprisingly doesn't point out, "Hey lady, I'm down here.") and up at Arizona and tells Ruby that Arizona is giving her a super magic smile right now. Arizona actually looks more like a gunman just walked in on them while they were trying to care for a patient, but it comforts Ruby and also shows Arizona just how much Callie really does care. I mean, I get that there's the threat of death and people want to make things right/declare their true feelings but ladies, this whole thing got a little ridiculous with Callie making it all about the two of them. Fortunately, I like them so I'll let it pass. THIS TIME. Callie then goes to call the police and update them on what happened.

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