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Outside, Officer Chase asks Richard if he knows someone named Gary Clark, and after a second Richard realizes he does. I know that it's always a bit nebulous as to how much time passes between episodes but would Derek and Richard really already have forgotten him enough that it takes them a moment to recall his face and name, respectively? That whole part seems weird. But at least they remember at all, and Richard realizes that he's the shooter.

The girls have gotten Derek to the OR and Cristina leaves him with Mere so she and April can go get Teddy. Once they leave, Derek -- a peculiar shade of grey now, but his hair still as lustrous as ever -- tells Mere to kiss him and tells her he's not going to die, and she tells him that's good, "'Cause that would be the worst breakup ever." He would laugh except it hurts too much.

Bailey is with her own grey-tinged patient and is starting to worry because the packing isn't holding, and though the huge hole we see blown in his back he's losing tons of blood. She tells Mandy they have to get them to an OR and when Mandy tries to say that someone will come for them, Bailey has to give her the unfortunate truth that no, they aren't, and Charles needs an OR right now. Mandy then asks a rather legitimate question -- how on earth will they get him there if the two of them can barely roll him on to his side to treat his wound? But Bailey, awesome as always even when she is freaked out enough to unknowingly cry, has the idea to use a bedsheet.

Cristina and April are huddled together as they walk down the hall to the other OR, and April is continuing to panic. Cristina finally yells at her to stop freaking out because she's freaking Cristina out which can't happen, as someone needs to be in charge of this ragtag gang of residents. A door opens and they lose their shit but it's just Avery, and when Cristina finds out that both Hunt and Teddy are gone she does finally start to freak out a little bit herself. Avery just holds her gaze, though, and calmly tells April to go get the anesthesiologist and OR nurses that are still there with him so that they can set up for surgery. April's not at her sharpest and asks what they are going to do without a surgeon, but Avery, while still staring at Cristina, tells April that they have a surgeon, and Cristina realizes that she's the one who is going to be doing the operating.

As she scrubs in Mere asks if she's sure she can do this -- I understand Mere is worried, but as this is the only option she might do well to at least pretend to have a little more confidence. Cristina explains calmly, as much to herself as to Mere (and to us, the viewing audience, just so we realize how grave the situation really is) that no gunshot wound is the same and that this kind of surgery is half skill, half instinct. She finally adds that she's very good, "... for a resident. I'm very good." She then turns to Mere and tells her she can't be in there during the surgery with her "big, sad, don't-kill-McDreamy eyes," and when April comes in to say they are ready, she orders April to stay with Meredith and make sure she sits on the floor and doesn't so much as peek through the window at what is happening. Given how easily Mere overpowered Cristina earlier she'd better hope Mere wants to actually comply. She then tells Meredith that she'll do her best work but begs her to just sit and wait, and finally Mere sits although she makes sure to pout mightily about it. Seriously, Mere, this is the only chance Derek has at survival, so why don't you try to make the best of it and support your best friend just the tiniest bit more? She so desperately is trying to make this all about her but there's just no way she can actually do it, no matter how hard she tries.

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