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Scared Straight

Alex has regained consciousness, but his mind is pretty much gone, and he hallucinates that Lexie is Izzie and begins to apologize and desperately beg for her to stay. Lexie tears up but goes with it and promises him she's not going anywhere, and it's heartbreaking how happy he is that he thinks Izzie really came back. Not so heartbreaking that I ever want her to show up on this show again, mind you, but still. He begs her not to leave again and she promises that they will always be together, and Mark can only watch with the most terrible, sad-puppy look on his face. Should Alex survive I think that this might be a very good reason for he and Lexie to break up since he's obviously got some unresolved feelings for Izzie, but the look on Mark's face seems to say he thinks that he's lost the girl forever. I guess we shall see. Mercifully, the door opens and the SWAT team comes in to evacuate them; Lexie slumps over in relief.

Officer Chase tells Richard they've now cleared one floor and are working on the others, but Richard isn't satisfied to know that only five guys are searching the entire expanse of the hospital. Officer Chase assures him that no one is getting out but doesn't seem to get that this is in fact also the problem, with everyone trapped inside. He turns around and tells another cop to pull a DMV photo so that Richard can identify Gary, but during that second Richard manages to disappear.

Teddy and Hunt, being on the lucky floor, run out with their patient and hand him off to waiting paramedics. As they are both frisked Hunt demands to know if they've nabbed the shooter or at least gotten the other doctors out yet, and is dismayed that the answer is no to both. Teddy looks at him and tells him that Cristina is still inside and he should go, then tells him gently that it's okay to choose. He looks at her for a second and then sprints back inside, while Teddy does an awesome little shuffle step to block the cop from getting past her and stopping him. Can I also add: FINALLY. While I think they finally did a good job of explaining why it is that Hunt might still have conflicted feelings, Cristina was totally right to remind him earlier that he already had a choice once and chose her. These last few weeks have been ridiculously painful, watching that whole very well-done storyline get ripped to shreds so that we could maintain the love triangle, and I'm just relieved that they had Owen finally make a decision (again) and that he stuck with Cristina. (Granted, who knows if she'll stick with him, but this is a good first step for a couple that I love.)

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