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Richard, proving that this lockdown is good at keeping everyone inside and away from the lifesaving tools they need but bad at keeping someone out, has made it inside and is walking down the old hallway where our gang used to eat lunch as interns lo those many years ago.

In the scrub room, Mere sits like a statue, her eyes filled with tears, while April sniffles next to her. Mere finally tells her sternly to stop crying and explains just how long it took her to find Derek and then to realize she actually wanted to be with him, then points out that now that she's realized all that her best friend is in there operating on him and April doesn't get the right to cry about that. April nods and tries to get herself under control, then manages to squeak that her own best friend, Reed, died today. Meredith doesn't look over but reaches out and takes April's hand, seeming to realize grudgingly that this isn't all about her, her own tragedy, and April's crush on Derek. Though to be fair, I'm sure some of April's tears are totally about her crush on Derek and her subsequent worry for him.

Mark and Lexie run outside with Alex and meet Teddy, who rushes him to an ambulance and goes with him to operate at a different hospital. Before they leave Lexie asks if he's going to be okay, but Teddy doesn't give her an answer.

Cristina is working away with Avery's help, and the desperation in her voice is palpable as she tells him she found the bullet right by Derek's aorta. Avery calmly tells her she can do this and she shoots back that she knows, she just wanted it to be easy, "Not the hardest repair in the world." She feels around and doesn't know what to do next, explaining all the shit that's really bad inside Derek's chest cavity at the moment, and finally asks herself what Teddy would do. Avery starts to answer, not realizing the question was to herself, and she interrupts him with, "Pig or cow." She thinks a moment with her eyes closed, repeating that, and then makes a conclusive decision to use a clamp and keeps working. Avery is suitably impressed and tells her she's badass. Someone's crush is only going to get bigger after today...

Bailey and Mandy are hauling Charles, who is only turning greyer, down the hallways toward the elevator and the reason for his ashy color is obvious: they are leaving not just a trail, but a river of blood behind them as they go. Bailey tells herself that it will all be okay once they get to the OR floor, and when they reach the bank of elevators she runs over and pushes the button, telling Charles that it will only be a few more minutes. Mandy realizes that something might be wrong and tentatively asks, "Dr. B?" But Bailey doesn't answer, she just listens at the door and realizes that the dead silence means that the elevators have been turned off. Whatever control she still had melts away, and in the biggest loss of control we've ever seen from her she begins to yell and cry at the elevators to turn back on while Mandy begs her to be quiet and not draw Gary's attention to where they are. Finally, though, she stops, and Charles manages to look up at her as Mandy asks what they are going to do. She doesn't say anything and instead walks past to the end of the hall and stares blankly out the windows, where after a moment she has a silent breakdown. Charles and Mandy can't see as she leans over, mouth agape in a giant, silent, screaming sob -- her will is totally broken, and it's one of the scariest things we've seen during these episodes since Bailey is someone who never, ever breaks. I can't say enough about Chandra Wilson's heartbreaking performance here.

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