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Scared Straight

After a moment, though, she shakes her head and pulls herself back together as best she can. She dries her eyes, straightens her scrubs, and though her eyes have an almost dead glaze they turn determined, and she walks back over to her charges. After telling Mandy to call her Miranda -- this experience has put them on a first name basis -- she pulls off her gloves, sits down, and pulls Charles' head into her lap. She then helps him get the oxygen mask off and he asks if he's dying; since she promised she would tell him if that happened, she finally answers, "Yes." He starts to cry, but she immediately tells him he shouldn't worry or be afraid because she and Mandy are going to stay with him, and when she sees that Mandy is silently falling apart herself but trying not to show it, she reaches over and puts Mandy's hand on his. With all the control she can muster, she tells him that he's not alone, and though Mandy has to look away she continues to hold his hand as well.

April and Meredith are still sitting when Owen walks in, and a relieved Meredith babbles to him everything that happened saying that she's not supposed to look but that Cristina might need help. He looks in and his eyes only flit back to Meredith briefly as he keeps his tone light and tells her it seems like Cristina is doing okay, but he'll go in and see what he can do. He grabs a mask and tells Mere that he'll asses the situation first and then scrub in if Cristina needs him, adding that she was right, and Mere shouldn't move. Mere pouts as he opens the door. And while his tone was a little too light and even, and I totally figured something was horribly wrong, they totally got me because I absolutely didn't expect that when he walked in, Gary would be there and would turn his gun from Cristina's head to Owen's. Well played, show.

Cristina desperately calls to Owen but keeps working and Owen tries to get Gary to turn back to him as Gary orders Cristina to stop working and let Derek die. Tears are streaming down her face but she keeps at it, even as Gary starts to yell at her. He turns the gun on Avery and tries to get him to stop helping, but Cristina instructs him to continue, and finally Owen manages to get Gary's attention back over to him and one of the nurses quickly hands over some tools and the doctors keep frantically working. Cristina tells Owen that she can't stop and he assures her that he knows and she should keep going, which causes Gary to point the gun back at her head. Owen threatens him that he loves Cristina and that if Gary touches her Owen will kill him, but Gary just turns around and warns Owen to stay back.

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