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Meaningful Moment Montage: Derek and Meredith exchange deep glances, as the police come in to speak to a scared-looking Mrs. Lindon. Addie breaks it up by observing, "Nothing like a domestic dispute to liven up a pre-op, huh?" Seeing her in the salmon scrubs and not in the nursery, I'm reminded of just how much I hated them and how glad I was when she went to the dark blue like the other docs. It's a little bit hard to take her seriously, though her awesome red hair and commanding presence make up for a lot of the wretched shade of pink. She goes into Jeremiah's room, where Bailey is handing him form after form to sign, including a DNR. He seems to be in a lot of pain and tells Bailey it's time to call his parents. She refuses by telling him he'll call them himself when he leaves the hospital, and they smile. I'm sad in anticipation of what everyone can see coming.

George walks into Ellis's room and once again she's gone. In response to his muttering, "I am a surgeon. A surgeon," the nurse observes, "Well yeah, you won't be when Dr. Webber finds out you lost Ellis Grey again." I like the cut of that nurse's jib. It's a shame we don't see more of him, as it's nice to see a funny, well-adjusted, normal (-seeming) male once in a while.

Burke and Izzie are in surgery working on Kalpana when a nurse interrupts them to note that her urine is blue. Izzie seems surprised, but Burke has his own light bulb moment. Finally.

As predicted, the Chief is supremely pissed at George and screams that he told George to take care of her. As whiny as George has been, I think that by now it's just unfair to hold him solely responsible for keeping track of such a patient. Richard quietly tells George to leave, bitterly telling him, "You're free. I'll take care of her." George punctuates his exit by slamming the door.

In Samuel's surgery, Alex makes cracks about giving the guy a spine while they're operating. Derek points out that he cheated, but Alex counters by asking if that justifies him taking a bullet to the head. Derek thinks relationships are built on sacrifice, but Alex doesn't think they're built on that kind of sacrifice. Derek just replies self-indulgently, "Sometimes a bullet is worth it." Well, Derek also doesn't have a spine so of course he'd see it that way. The only reason he's still in his own situation is because he's keeping himself firmly there.

Ellis is scrubbing in for surgery when Webber finds her. She smiles at him and saucily tells them they have some time, and kisses him. He pulls away and she looks stunned, seeming to realize that the situation isn't right. Ellis: "I don't think we're supposed to be here." Richard sadly replies, "No." He takes her face in his hands, then leads her gently back to her room. She looks both terribly sad and also relieved.

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