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It's Not Just A River In Egypt

Jeremiah's surgery is not going well and all of his organ systems are shutting down. As various beeps start up to illustrate just how wrong things are going, Bailey begins CPR despite Addison's reminder that he is DNR. She tries to justify her actions as good, not extraordinary, medicine. As she rather tragically continues, Addie and Mere exchange a worried glance over their masks.

Kalpana is stunned when she's told of her blue urine, genuinely so, and insists against all of Izzie and Burke's reasoning that she's really physically sick. Burke firmly tells her, "You're manufacturing things that aren't there. Seeing only what you want to see." He then adds a little dash of classic Burke cruelty by growling that she's wasting their time and resources while ruining her own life, and that they'll transfer her to psych. Of course, as this has turned out to be psychological, that means she really believes that she's sick and yelling at her isn't the most effective way to fix her head. But yelling is what he does best, so there you go.

Bailey continues to desperately administer CPR until Meredith takes over. Bailey, however, is unimpressed with her effort and takes back over, begging Jeremiah to fight. Everyone looks worried, rightfully, as this is one of their most unflappable doctors losing it in a rather public manner. Addison tries to stop her and points out that he's been down for 10 minutes, and that it's her call. Bailey stops, and after a moment calls the time of death. She then tears off her mask and storms out as the rest of the staff watches her go.

She's scrubbing her hands desperately as if that might wash off what just happened, and watches as they wrap up his body. Addison and Meredith join her and she silently leaves. Addison announces, "It's hard to accept the end when you're too close," as she puts on her wedding ring. And while that statement could possibly apply to either one of the women, the tone certainly sounds like she intends it for poor, dumb Meredith. Addie: "Look, I don't want someone who doesn't want me, Meredith. But if there's the slightest chance that he does, I'm not leaving Seattle." Mere stares after her as she leaves, and I think she knows full well that Addie's got a fighting chance of getting what she wants.

Samuel has come to from his surgery, and Alex and Derek tell him that his wife told the cops that he cheated on her, she was drunk, and he was cleaning his guns in the kitchen. I might have picked a different task after that particular conversation, but when the guns need cleaning, what are you gonna do? He says that he won't press charges but Alex tells him it doesn't matter since she confessed. He tells the doctors, "Nothing will make you feel more stupid than cheating on the woman you love." Derek pauses. That statement was a half-anvil -- Derek being stupid is there, cheating is there, but it's confusing since his wife cheated on him which started the whole chain of Seattle-trailer-girlfriend.

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