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Cristina is pacing the room in her bathrobe as her mom chatters away and tells her that she should be in bed. There's more "I'm fine," "I shouldn't have come," et cetera, until Cristina tells her that she's sorry that she's not that person, but she doesn't need her mother there to take care of her. Izzie comes in just then and tells Cristina she was right. Cristina repeats this, but the triumph finally breaks her down completely and she bursts into tears, sobbing that she was right.

Alex has gone to see the Chief, who breaks it to him that his exam results have just arrived, with some contrived explanation about him taking the test later than the others so they just got them now. Due to the awkward pauses, Alex guesses that he didn't pass. Webber tells him that he is still an MD who can practice and that he gets four months to retake the exam. Alex asks what will happen if he doesn't pass next time; he'll no longer be a resident. The chief tells him that failing is not an option.

Derek stares at the divorce papers and keeps moving his pen towards them, but can't bring himself to sign. Seriously (ignoring the fact that we all have seen two seasons' worth of episodes since this moment), was anyone surprised by this turn of events? Let the mega-waffling of Season Two commence!

Mere has been summoned, and runs in to find Cristina sobbing and Izzie and George watching, rather terrified. They freak out, not knowing what to do, but when Mere goes to hug her they all shriek and tell her that touching makes it worse. Her mother, still defiantly perky even when she's upset, announces, "I knew she'd break sooner or later. It was just a matter of time." Cristina growls that she will kill her, and Meredith quickly ushers Cristina's mother from the room. "We don't do well with mothers here." Cristina begs her to make it stop, culminating in the well-known Grey's moment where she screams, "Somebody sedate me!" Aw, it's like me while watching a lot of Season Three. Who knew this was actually foreshadowing?

Meredith voice-overs, "Sometimes reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us in the ass." The Chief is in with Ellis. "And when the dam bursts, all you can do is swim. The world is a cage. Not a cocoon. We can only lie to ourselves for so long." He's holding the soft restraints, and George comes up to him and gently places them on Ellis's wrists. I applaud George for helping and not using this moment for an "I told you so" dance. Of all the times to be bitchy, this could have been it. Good man.

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