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It's Not Just A River In Egypt

VO: "We are tired. We are scared. Denying it doesn't change the truth." Bailey rests against one of the magical glass railings (giving me and others with a great dislike of heights some palpitations) and calls Jeremiah's parents while trying to control her tears, telling them she's so sorry. Cristina is in bed, finally not crying. Her mom is futzing with something on the sofa, and Burke walks by. He looks quite dashing in his street clothes. He sees her and does a double-take when he sees Cristina's tears, and walks in. Her mom looks surprised, but he just smiles and reaches out. Her mom says that she doesn't want to be touched and he pulls away, but Cristina finally turns to look at him, totally despairing. He takes off his jacket and climbs into bed with her and holds her while she begins to cry again. I have to take a moment off from my severe Burke-dislike to get a little bit misty myself.

VO: "Sooner or later, we have to put aside our denial, and face the world. Head-on, guns blazing." Alex finds Izzie in a great dress waiting at the bar; she's certainly fulfilled her end of his definition of a date. She's obviously excited, but when she goes to kiss him, he pulls away. She asks if he's okay, and he says he's fine and that they should go. Despite her saying he doesn't seem like himself, they go. And I get a little bit misty AGAIN knowing what awfulness lies ahead for these two, since Alex can't seem to handle actual feelings for a woman, and because I loved the two of them together.

VO: "Denial, it's not just a river in Egypt, it's a freaking ocean." Mere and Derek are in a bar and she looks actually happy. He offers to get her a drink but when he turns to go, he knocks his things to the floor. As she bends down to help him get them, she finds the unsigned divorce papers, and her face falls. VO: "So how do you keep from drowning in it?" Misty. Again. Not just for what's happening to these characters that I love(d), but because this was when Grey's could somehow tap into your own painful experiences and hit on something that you had experienced firsthand to make these stories seem all the more real.

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