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Today is the day for difficult patients that are all connected to Meredith, as the next patient is her mom. O'Malley presents her as "a post-op day three from a tumor resection." The elder Dr. Grey declares that he's got it all wrong and starts giving diagnoses for the patients that exist in her head. When she sees Meredith, she declares that she's a child she does not want on her team, and orders her out of the room, arms folded and mouth pursed. Bailey tells Mere to wait outside and so she leaves, stunned.

Naturally, Derek appears around the corner and after very brief chitchat, he grabs her arm and says her name as she passes. He's awfully big on arm-grabbing, which is good because girls just love it. She again talks about how complicated his life is, what with the wife and all, and tells him, "I don't need complicated. I have complicated all on my own." In a move sure to change her mind and send her straight into his arms, he responds by teasing her. It's a good thing his hair is so luscious, because his actions with the ladies are pretty clunky. He then tells her happily that Addison is leaving, assuring Mere there is no reason at all for her to stay. Speak of the devil, Satan herself walks up and notes how cozy they look. "Can I join in? Or are you not into threesomes?" While Derek's not the poster boy for maturity these days, Addison isn't doing much for her own case. She seems to not understand that needling her husband and his girlfriend isn't the best way to win him back after sleeping with his best friend. Although actually, knowing what's coming, maybe she is the smarter one, since it seems to work. These people are all insane. Meredith leaves, which irks Derek. They snap at each other a while until finally she hands him divorce papers. His lawyer has already said that they're fine, and all he has to do is sign them. Once he does, she'll sign, then leave immediately for New York. He says that he will sign immediately, and that he wants her gone. But before she gets on the elevator to leave this scene, she gives him something to chew on. "Derek, have you ever thought that, even if I am Satan and an adulterous bitch, that I still might be the love of your life?" Mere's watching all this from afar, though I can't tell if she actually heard any of the exchange. And despite all my snarking on her handling of the conversation, the desperate, sad look on Addison's face breaks my heart.

Cristina is in bed reading her own chart when Burke walks by and takes it from her, ordering her to act like a patient. He then comments that it's been hard to catch her alone and asks how she's doing, to which Cristina tells him he can read the chart for himself. He repeats the question, clearly to show he's talking about her feelings, but the glint in his eye that I think is supposed to represent caring just looks like anger. And no, I don't think that just because of all that has come to pass with Isaiah Washington; it's things like this that made me never, ever believe or root for the Cristina-Burke pairing. After they stare at each other and she gives him a clipped "Fine," he asserts that he had a right to know. She points out that now he does. God, she's too good for him. When he starts to talk again, she says she's not sure what could possibly be left to say, but we're saved from what I'm sure would be another not-my-fault, holier-than-thou, haughty speech by the arrival of her mom. He greets her as "Mrs. Yang," but is corrected that she is Mrs. Rubenstein. "Dr. Saul Rubenstein of Beverly Hills? The oral surgeon?" It's hard to imagine Cristina growing up with this woman. She explains that she's been remarried since Cristina was three, which seems to be the last straw, and Cristina tries to stop her and dismiss Burke at the same time. Her mom responds by telling Burke he's good-looking and then heaves an anvil onto the bed when she asks, "Why don't you ever bring home a man as good-looking as him?" Cristina is embarrassed and upset; her mom giggles and flirts like a schoolgirl and calls her daughter unpleasant. The two women start to fight, and Burke takes his leave so that they can continue alone.

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