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Meanwhile, Izzie is trying to get Alex to ask her out so that she doesn't have to do all the work on her own. It's like watching my own dating history. He's very graceful about it, smarming, "You are so into me." Busted, she tells him to shut up as he continues on, "The worship, the adoration...I'm so handsome, I intoxicate you." Ugh. I'm sorry to admit that falling for goofy, egotistic teasing is also in my history. When she tells him to forget it, he finally asks her out properly. Well, sort of. "You wear something gorgeous, I pay for food." Once she's sure he's not mocking her, she accepts, and they both beam as they go their separate ways.

Bailey walks into another patient room, having shed all of her interns except for Meredith. She tells him she never wanted to see him again, in that way that shows they know each other and she clearly adores him. He teases her back, and Bailey introduces him as Jeremiah Tate, one of her first interns. They banter cutely, but it's easier to cut to the chase and say he's got cystic fibrosis, but that he's still managed to compete in triathlons and raise over $100,000 a year for CF. Here's an aside-slash-pet peeve, as I used to work in the triathlon industry. There is no "a" in the middle of the word! It's pronounced like "athlete," just with "tri" tacked on in front! There is no extra syllable in the middle! Even if you know nothing about ath-a-letics, you know that I just said it wrong! GAAAAH! Fine, so the ladies mispronounced it throughout the scene, and I had to swallow my exasperation to get through it. Rant over. It sounds like Jeremiah's not doing too well, with a fair amount of pain and seizures that have curtailed his training. They'll do a CT scan and then come up with a plan. Bailey seems upbeat and unconcerned, so Meredith has taken up the concern for both of them and it's all over her face. Bailey then asks Jeremiah where his parents think he is. This is because he doesn't like to bother them until he's well or nearly well, so each time he's hospitalized he tells them he's in another state. I have to think they'd be a little suspicious by now, but as I know that's beside the point, I'll file that thought away with the triath-a-lons. Bailey tells Meredith, "He understands his reality, he just chooses to ignore it. Denial works for him, Grey." Even Meredith, the Queen of Denial (I couldn't help myself), seems to think this might not be the best course of action, but she seems to keep it to herself.

Alex is rifling through the charts until he finds one that both interests and horrifies him: a gunshot wound to the head. He jumps to action, wondering why a trauma team wasn't called and berating the staff on the floor until a nurse points out his patient. There sits a somewhat disheveled guy reading a magazine, no visible wound in sight.

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