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Cristina's mom is painting Cristina's toenails and talking about redoing her living room. Cristina looks fed up and tells her to stop. (I wonder how she even let her mom get to her feet with the polish in the first place.) The new subject Mom picks is the father of Cristina's baby, and she asks if it was someone she works with, "or just sex." Are those two mutually exclusive now? Cristina rapidly tries to get back to the subject of redecorating, but her mom is on a roll, talking about how Cristina makes such a point of not forming attachments. This breaks Cristina, who yells at her mom to give her just 20 minutes of peace and quiet. She responds to say that the daughter she raised would appreciate her help. Cristina: "The daughter you raised is begging for you to go. Now." Her mom protests that she didn't have to come at all and is very busy, and they bicker (some more) but as she walks out, Cristina asks her to bring back a mocha latte. Her mom hopefully asks if it should be nonfat, but Cristina barks, "No, a FAT one." Her mom grabs her purse and leaves.

Alex can't believe his patient really was shot, as there's barely any visible wound, and no exit wound either. He thinks it's a burn, but the guy exasperatedly says he shot himself and that it was a mistake, not suicide, while he was cleaning his gun. Alex is skeptical.

Cristina is now the one rifling through the charts. One of the male nurses that we see every once in a while for a bit of variety sees her and asks about her IV, which she removed on her own orders. He snatches her chart and reads that she's to have bed rest and get up only for the bathroom. "Nothing about stealing charts at the nurse's station." A guy passes pushing an empty wheelchair, so she gets in it very delicately -- revealing that maybe she's not quite as ready to go as she claims. The nurse claims he's telling her intern on her, but Cristina knows it's Meredith and counters, "Ooh, I'm so scared." She rolls herself back to her room. She seems quite adept with a wheelchair, but I guess working in a hospital probably lends itself to wheelchair races in empty hallways, much like when my 6'4" friend in college was on crutches and our dorm hallway turned into a sort of crutch-vaulting course. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it -- those were good times.

Dr. Ellis Grey is in her bed, shuffling through papers. When George walks in, she demands some test results and dismisses him haughtily to get them just as the Chief walks in. George tells him that things are better since today she at least thinks he's her intern, but then he quietly asks if he can be moved to another patient, as she is no longer a surgical case. Chief maintains that because of the Alzheimer's and how it affects her mood, she needs stability and so he's depending on George for that. Ellis then hollers through the doorway for him to get her some studies. I think it's easier for the Chief to tell George that since he's been skulking around and avoiding the reality that is Ellis Grey.

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