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In perkier patient quarters, Kalpana pops a pill of some sort, and Cristina sees her and starts to freak out that it's not in her chart, even though Kalpana says it's just her birth control. She then also points out that Cristina isn't her doctor and isn't supposed to be there. Izzie comes in and, rather than agree with Cristina, still seems sort of awed by her patient, and agrees that it's no big deal once Kalpana explains that she was taking the pill now so it doesn't interact with the grapefruit juice she had earlier. I still can't quite figure out what kind of doctor or student she's meant to be, but I realized later that this is supposed to be vague and it's not just my mind wandering to, say, how hot Brady Quinn is just for a moment before snapping back into my TV viewing. Izzie and Cristina bicker a bit until they're interrupted by Kalpana passing out cold. Izzie finally punches her in the chest, and her heartbeat returns and she gasps on the floor. When Cristina offers to help, Izzie orders her back to her room, and again, Cristina visibly struggles a bit to get around.

Meredith and Bailey are looking at the results of Jeremiah's scan and the bottom line is that he's got a whole lot of problems. They debate what surgeries can be done without hurting his lungs or other awful side effects when Addison walks in and begins to ask about him as she looks at the scan. He's 26 and been Bailey's patient for five years. The two confer and Addison says she can help, when a confused Meredith finally breaks in and asks how she can, since she's a neonatal specialist. Addison condescendingly tells her that she did two years of genetic research on cystic fibrosis. Oh. She really can do everything.

Meredith finds Derek, as staying and helping out doesn't really jive with his news that her departure is imminent. He's doing fast talking, saying this doesn't mean she's staying, but Meredith asks what, then, it does mean. When he says that Addison is a good doctor, Meredith wants to know why he's defending her. He says that he's not, clarifies that she was the one who filed for divorce, and that as soon as he signs the papers, they are free. She asks him if he has anything to think about and he says no, that he just has to read through them. I know he's at work but if this is so important to him, I have to wonder why he hasn't yet done so. Run for your life, Meredith!

Today is scannerific. Alex is waiting for the results on his maybe-gunshot patient, and he and the tech talk about how crazy the patient is. While they're discussing the guy's mental deficiencies, a woman walks in looking for a Samuel Lindon. Naturally, they don't shoo her from the room before she sees the guy on the table -- it's her husband, Samuel Lindon. I might suggest that they close the door next time. This show is full of casual conversations taking place in the -- I have no idea what to call it, the scan-viewing computer room, let's say -- but whenever I have been in a hospital either as a patient or visitor, the technician has the door closed and goes about his job quietly and professionally. A newfangled concept, but I think it just might catch on. Mrs. Lindon maintains that he shot himself, asking, "What's wrong with you people?" We don't have time for that, ma'am. Alex assures her they'll let her know when they have the results, as she freaks out.

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