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George happens upon Cristina in the hallway invisible to everyone but our lovable gang of interns. She's still trying to "figure out the crazy woman on 4." He replies, "YOU are the crazy woman on 4." Actually, between her, Kalpana, and Ellis, I'd say 4 could pass for the psych ward about now. George starts complaining that everyone has better cases than him, and whines like a baby about how he's a big strong surgeon. It's really a compelling argument delivered in this manner. George: "I'm getting fake labs for fake patients so she can do a fake surgery." With that, Cristina's got her light bulb moment and says, "She's faking it." George says it's real to her, thinking she's talking about Ellis, and showing that maybe he does have a shred of compassion despite his tantrum, but Cristina explains that she means the missionary, and heads back to her room. She does have the courtesy to thank George before she bolts, which I think of as her own small human moment.

Cristina shuffles in and Izzie yells at her about the chart, but Cristina's response is to guess that the test results came back negative. She tries to convince Izzie that she knows what's wrong and it's the pills Kalpana took, but Izzie brushes her off and sends her away. Instead, she stays to explain that she thinks Kalpana has Munchausen's, and Izzie finally takes notice. She tells Izzie to tell Burke that the pills could be inducing her symptoms, but Burke happens to be right behind her. Ooooh, busted. I don't care how old you are, I dare you to try to say "busted!" without the taunting "Oooooh" in front. No, seriously; try it out loud. ...See?

Alex hands Derek Samuel's chart and tells him surgery will be in 30 minutes. As they talk, the couple's arguing gets louder until Samuel finally yells, "You shot me!" Ooooh, REALLY busted.

Cristina tries to convince Burke of her diagnosis, but he maintains that they have to rule out all physical reasons first, and when Cristina finally calls the woman a liar, Burke again displays his maturity: "I've been lied to before." Cristina isn't talking about them, though he wants to, so she tells him she didn't lie. When Burke clarifies that she withheld the truth, she points out that he broke things off with her and wasn't upset about it. She continues to point out how this is all a fake display of drama now, and when he tries to yell at her, she voluntarily becomes a good patient and says she's supposed to be in bed.

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