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Previously on Grey's Anatomy, George and Izzie had The Amazingly Great Sex but are keeping it their little secret, Addie tells Mark to go 60 days without sex, the residents are vying for Chief Resident, the Chief of Surgery is retiring, Derek's not sure if he can be chief and be with Meredith, Crush picks a face and then yells at Alex that her name isn't Ava. Well, duh; it's Crush, silly. And wow, was that a chock-full "previously on."

The five interns are gathered at Burke and Cristina's, studying in a sort of frantic game-show style. Out of the hospital, the four all look great, including big, glossy hair on all of the girls. I take a bit of issue with the puff-sleeved t-shirt on Cristina, but overall they get an A for appearance. While they shout questions and answers at one another, Burke works behind them in the kitchen. Mere's voice-over starts the Theme of the Week: "As interns, we know what we want. To become surgeons. And we'll do anything to get there. Suffer through killer exams, endure 100-hour weeks, stand for hours on end in operating rooms. You name it, we'll do it."

Burke's puttering in the kitchen is actually him slicing cake, which makes him totally look like a mom preparing a snack for the high-school study group. He comes over and tries to feed a bite to Cristina, who is arguing that she's preparing for the biggest exam of her intern career. Burke puts the cake in Cristina's mouth as Izzie yells at them to ask her a question. She's stumped, and they all try and look for answers; Cristina unconvincingly says it's yummy and shoos Burke away to participate in the guessing. George gives Izzie some inside joke (to do with snot, yum) and she gets it. Cristina is immediately put out, assuming he's using "the wife's cards." She explains that Callie was #1 in her year after this test because of the phenomenal flashcards that she made. Izzie and George just say that they're "independently brilliant" and a "dream team." Burke tries to feed Cristina a bite of lemon cake, which makes her cringe. She and Alex both answer the question, and Cristina wants Burke to break the tie. He tells her, "Learn to care or I'll get another bride." The others all look mildly uncomfortable, but she just waves him away saying she loves all cake, and he tells them Alex had the right answer. It's so sweet, how they love being petty and dismissive of one another. My heart is warmed. There are gooey, happy shots of each intern as Meredith continues, "The tough part, though, is reconciling this huge thing we want, to be surgeons, with everything else we want."

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