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Addison finds Alex post-surgery and angrily asks him if she has another Denny Duquette situation. Alex can't believe it, but she continues that he's never been so attentive. She maintains that caring for Crush is her job, and he's just an intern. He agrees, and counters angrily that that's why he won't ever be in her OR "and be anything less than overprepared. Okay? There's no way I'm going to work every day with a surgeon like you and not be at the top of my game." Though I hate, hate, HATE this pairing and that they really needed to go there with possibly the last two people to have not crossed that line, he's really hot and if I were in that moment, I might also have done what Addison does next. Which is attack him, push him into the on-call room, and rip off his clothes. Also, I really hope Seattle Grace washes the linens in that room extremely often. If I worked there, I'd be sleeping on top of the covers every time I needed a nap.

Cristina is badgering Callie again about the cards. While Callie tries to ignore her and write in a chart, Cristina natters on about knowing she and George are married, but that there's something to be said for female surgeons sticking together. Callie tells her that she's scary and relentless, and that she'll give the cards to George and she's sure he'll share them. For her the subject is closed, until Cristina mutters the magic information, that she's sure George will only share them with Izzie. In one second, Callie calls Cristina back and tells her where to find the cards in her locker.

In the hallway, Addison literally stumbles out of the on-call room, adjusting her skirt. Alex follows her out and they bump into each other and awkwardly agree that they're fine and good, and bolt in opposite directions. Unfortunately, Mark is down the hall, and if anyone knows the look of a woman just sexed up in the workplace, it's McSteamy.

Izzie gets into the elevator, and Callie jumps in behind her. When the doors are closed, she quickly launches into speech before Izzie can do anything. "Don't talk. I know it's not fair and I know it's not your fault and I know there's nothing going on between you and George. I know that. Except there is! You're his best friend! He loves you! He gets you, he needs you, and I'm just, I'm just his wife. And I know I get the sex and the commitment and the life with him but I want him to get me, and to need me. And I can't compete with you. So I'm asking you to please stop. Just stop. Find another friend! Or whatever you do! Just give me my husband back." It's horrible and heartbreaking and for the millionth time, I hate this storyline.

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