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In the OR, the team works at getting the fish out of Skinner. The Chief is supervising everyone, and Cristina and Mere come in to watch. There's lots of shots of long rods and tubes being inserted into places I don't want to think about. Meredith asks Mark a question and he doesn't seem to hear her, and he's glowering in a way that makes me want to push him into an on-call room and rip off his clothes. Rowr. He tells her he's had better days. Richard asks to have Bailey paged just as Skinner takes a turn for the worse, and they decide to open him up.

In another OR, Derek works on Runny Nose Guy. Bailey is still beating herself up but Derek tells her there's no blame, since it's hard to make the leap from a runny nose to a condition that might kill a person. She's paged, and he tells her to go. Above, George joins Izzie in the gallery. He tries to talk to her but she turns away from him and keeps giving him short, terse answers to his questions. When he finally asks what her problem is, she tells him, "My problem is you. You're my penis fish. You've crawled in and latched on and now I can't move, or talk or think or even pee without the nagging feeling that something is eating through my organs." Pee? Really? I think he would have gotten the point without that. George obtusely objects that she doesn't have a penis, but she snaps that it's a metaphor. He then asks what happened to them being fine. She says she doesn't know. "Maybe we're not." And with that, she leaves.

In the V.I.Penis OR, the fish seems to be doing a great job hanging on. As Bailey comes in, they announce they're going to cut it out, and there's a lot of grossed-out looks over the surgical masks of everyone assembled. When they finally grab it and pull it out, it looks like these horrible old plastic bugs that a friend's brother had when we were kids. In addition, it looks to be about five inches long. Excuse me while I just go have a little retch in the corner, I'll be right back.

Outside the OR, Meredith and Mark both scrub up after the surgery. She's making conversation while he just glares at her, hot and angry, and then looks like a light bulb has gone on over his head. "What do you say we have a real meeting of the Dirty Mistresses' Club? Like it should have been from the beginning?" She more confused than anything, and he goes on to explain how they could do it really quick in the on-call room. (Sheets! Please will someone wash the sheets?) He keeps coming on to her and adds that he's sure something's wrong with her and Derek, since something is always wrong. She handles him amazingly, and never loses her cool or even bats an eyelash, and instead just asks him what's wrong. He finally tells her that things aren't going to work out with Addison. Meredith says coming on to her won't help, but he says pathetically, "She doesn't want me. Something's gotta help." I wonder if Addison had him ultimately underestimated, as this is a guy who really is hurt by what's happened. Meredith advises him, "Revenge sex is not the answer. If you're letting her go, let her go. Be an adult."

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