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Alex visits Crush, who is back in her room, and she thanks him for everything and adds that he and Addie are a great team. When he mentions Mark, Crush tells him that isn't happening, and gives him the update that was so rudely interrupted by her seizing and giving birth earlier. She tells him Addison is looking for someone committed, and when he denies that he's that person, she assures him he is. "Whether you want to admit it or not, you're actually one of the good ones."

George finds Gail Leery and tells her that Skinner is going to be fine. She seems relieved -- not incredibly emotional, but still glad. She then asks him to tell Celeste the news. "She's a basket case and I just don't have it in me to take care of my husband's girlfriend right now." George is silent, and she answers the unasked question. "Of course I know. The wife always knows." She walks away to see her husband, and the weight of what she says clearly sinks in for George.

In Skinner's room, Gail is reading in a chair next to her husband's bed when Celeste walks in. She tells Skinner about the business arrangements she made for him, and mentions that someone named Danny will handle everything else. At his confusion, she explains that Danny will be filling in until he can find someone else. He's confused and calls her name, but she's already out the door. Staring at the cloud of dust she left behind, he asks what's going on, and Gail replies, "Well, I think she just left you." She then gives him her own goodbye and leaves the room. He's still confused, and asks George what's going on. George whispers, "I think I'm done here," and leaves Skinner all alone, with not even his penis fish to keep him company anymore.

In the conference room, Izzie shovels cake into her mouth as Burke walks in. The remains of the cakes are all over the table, and it appears that Izzie has done a lot of the damage. Mouth full, she asks, "Can you be a vault? I think I need a vault because I've eaten, like, a cake and a half and it's just not cutting it. And you don't gossip." He says that's because people don't talk to him, and in reply she spits out that she had sex with a married man. "I don't mind that nobody tells me anything," he quickly adds, but she tells him it was George, and looks close to tears. Like with Callie earlier, I hate the storyline, but I do love the individual characters, or at least I did before it all happened, and she looks so wrecked, it tugs at me a little bit. He grabs a fork and takes his own bite of cake. He muses about what makes the perfect cake, and Izzie observes that he's thought a lot about it. He adds, "This cake, and this day, with this woman." She tells him the red velvet is his winner.

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