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On cue, the other thing known as McDreamy walks through the hospital doors and she trots to catch up with him. She remarks that she hasn't seen him in a few days, sounding more cheerful than I would if my boyfriend didn't seem too happy to see me. She starts to talk so fast that Derek can't get a word in edgewise, telling him she's ready for him to stop stopping hovering. Tellingly, he replies that she was right and he shouldn't, but it turns out that she's missing the hovering, and promises to communicate more with him. He seems doubtful that she can do this, but also finally gives her a genuine smile for the first time. She narrates that she's about to get on the elevator and do rounds. Once she's on said elevator, though, the doors close so she can't see his face once again go solemn.

Mark and Addie get on a different elevator. He's counting down excitedly until the final 28 days are done in their sex bet. She cuts off his rhapsodizing, which clearly pours some cold water on his enthusiasm. She promises she'll be happy when they get "to the finish line." As the doors open and Mark turns to leave, he replies, "Just making sure you haven't lost interest in the project." She assures him not at all, and he's glad, but neither seems very sincere, and he actually seems somewhat insecure, which seems to be a new feeling for him. The doors close so that this time her face can go stony. Stay away from those elevators, they're smile-killers today.

Burke sets up a bunch of little cakes on the table in the conference room, complete with little place cards to announce each flavor. He tells Cristina she needs to pick that day so that they can tell the bakery. I guess deadlines mean a date has been set? Cristina thinks this all means he's turning into a girl, but Izzie thinks it's sweet. And hey, if he doesn't do it, clearly it won't get done, so someone's got to step up and be the girl. Alex digs in, while Mere frets about if she should take Derek a piece, like a good girlfriend. I have to say that for someone who previously was so worried about the mental state of his girlfriend, it's pretty dicky for him to be giving her the cold shoulder so that she has to start fretting about if she's doing everything right, especially since she finally seemed to have gotten to a better mental place. At this moment she's guessing that good girlfriends bring their men cake and communicate, but Alex assures her that the best girlfriends just keep that all to themselves. Cristina declares no cake for George since he hasn't brought Callie's flashcards. Bailey comes in and eyes the cakes, but is able to tear herself away for long enough to inform them they won't be scrubbing in for surgery since they'll need to study like crazy until their exams in two weeks. Cristina and Meredith get assigned to scut, Izzie and George get the clinic with Bailey, and Alex gets assigned again to Crush, who he tries to pawn off on someone else, but one quick Bailey glare shuts him up. She then nonchalantly takes one of the cakes, picks it up, and leaves.

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