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George and Izzie are left in the room alone where they congratulate each other on being totally fine and able to study, hang out, and work together while they are just fine. Really extra, truly, super-duper FINE. Izzie grandly declares that they've made a mistake and moved on, and they verbally pat themselves on the back a while longer until George leaves. Once he's gone, Izzie takes a giant forkful of cake and shoves it in her mouth, because if TV has taught us nothing else, it's taught us that cake is the number-one choice of food for sexually frustrated women.

Richard finds Bailey and tells her Larry Jennings just checked in. I'll save you the suspense and jump forward to when he exposits that Larry is the chairman of the hospital board. They don't know what's wrong with him, other than that he cut short a vacation to come in, and his assistant called it a "matter of utmost discretion." He wants Bailey in charge and discreet, and when she protests about needing to work in the clinic, he orders her to delegate. As if on cue, just then, Sydney comes bopping up to them to answer the Chief's page. Bailey's face clearly says, "Oh HELL no."

Alex grudgingly reports to Crush's room, and, beacon of maturity that he is, ignores Crush except for terse, impersonal answers to her questions. When he said he was getting his assignment, she asks, "Anything as good as a crazily hormonal pregnant amnesiac with a tendency to yell at their own people?" Instead of accepting this cute invitation to an apology, he remarks that her blood pressure is high. She finally asks if they aren't friends any more, and points out that if not, she's not going to tell him about Addie and McSteamy's sex bet. She goes on about them formerly being "a thing," and Alex finally asks how she knows all of this. "I'm on bed rest five feet from the nurses' station and I have excellent hearing. I know everything. It's like watching a soap! Do you know how many doctors in this hospital Nurse Olivia has slept with? Oh wait, who am I talking to. You're one of them." It was at this moment that I officially decided I like this girl. Also, I wish I'd had as much entertaining gossip during my own hospital stays. Real life is far too boring. She tells him she advises him to make his move, or she would if they were friends. Alex still isn't really biting, just puts the cuff on her arm and remarks that it's fine if Addie wants to be with Sloane. Exasperated, Crush explains to him, "If she wanted to be with Sloane she'd be with Sloane!" Boys, it's true. We're actually pretty simple like that.

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